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Re: Bringing back a banned cheer
« Reply #105 on: September 18, 2013, 12:07:20 PM »
About 5 years ago, DS was involved with a sports team.  One of the young, 20ish, coaches made up a cheer/chant.  All the kids loved it and I admit, I did too.

Well, the coach ended up getting arrested and kicked out of the whole club.  His crime was video taping young female team members in the shower.  He received a slap on the wrist and left town.

Some of the old team members are still on the team that were there when this coach was.  The head coach is still the same.

So this chant cheer was semi banned.  Meaning that once in awhile one of the older kids would start it up but it wasn't a part of regular practice.

One of the new moms, her kid started after the incident, posted a video of the kids doing the cheer/chant. The older kids are all male, and actually adults, 17, 18 and 20.  They are teaching the kids this. 

When I saw it, I immediately got sick to my stomach.  I have no intention of telling anyone new what happened, but I would like to know why the head coach all of a sudden finds this acceptable.

But it is really none of my business and I should stay out of it, right?

I must admit, I am really confused.
Where are people getting the idea that the boys think the coach's behaviour is no big deal? I just don't see that in the OP.

Sure they're being insensitive by not thinking the cheer might be associated with the coach and so upset the girl, but where is this whole "halfway to perverts themselves" thing coming from?

I read the "slap on the wrist" bit as the outcome of the court case after the coach was kicked out of the club and arrested, not the attitude of the club authorities - who wouldn't be teenage boys in any case?

In reference to the original question, I think it's possible head coach/older boys just thinks that enough time has passed. A word in Coach's ear about how it should be shelved until everyone involved has left the club wouldn't go amiss - he must have thought it was inappropriate at one point or he wouldn't have stopped teaching it.

Op added post 3.

She may have meant " because they are doing this chant its obvious that they think  asst. coach's action are no big deal."  or  "it was explicitly stated by  several young man though what coach did was no big deal both through words and actions."   I think we're all assuming it was the later.

Oh I should add if this is actually a cheer squad then banning the cheer at pratice and from being done by the squad is perfectly within the coachs domain and he/she can ban a cheer for just about any reason. to hating the composer to just being sick of it.

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Re: Bringing back a banned cheer
« Reply #106 on: September 18, 2013, 12:11:20 PM »
Sorry shh I meant it seemed like a bit of a leap from the OP. I must have missed the followup when I read through, but it makes perfect sense now.

In that case I'd probably still speak to head coach but make it very clear that he was not to mention anything about the girl when banning the cheer.

With idiots like that in the club I can see them making a big deal about not being allowed to cheer that cheer because she's sensitive to it which would rebound on her.
I'd also have a word with the mom who posted the cheer, not mentioning names but say why it's seen as inappropriate. If she has no idea what happened, she'd probably be horrified to hear it.


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Re: Bringing back a banned cheer
« Reply #107 on: September 18, 2013, 12:35:59 PM »
The reason for locking this should be obvious.
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