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Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« on: Yesterday at 07:54:01 PM »
I am interested in how you have decorated your bedroom. Is the room large or small? Do you have a regular bed--and if so, what size?--or do you have something else? Is the bed one with a mattress, box spring and frame or is it some other way? Do you have nightstands and/or a dresser? Do they match or do you prefer separates? How do you handle your clothes? What colors do you have? Did you buy a comforter set or bedspread? Do the decorative pillows match? What else do you have on surfaces and on the wall? Do you have a televison or have you banned electronic devices? Tell me all! (And I'd love to see pictures if you want to share.)

I just bought two different comforter sets because I fell in love with them--both very different but having a green theme. I think I'll up using them each for two seasons. I also have two sets of table lamps that will work perfectly with the sets. But I am really interested in what others have done, want to do, or are doing. Please share. I am very interested!


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 08:20:44 PM »
Blue walls, queen size regular bed, matching furniture. The set had to be ordered from Canada and it is beautiful. We have been married for over 40 years and I still love it. Headboard, 2 night stands, armoire, and a triple dresser. The dresser has 9 drawers and is easily a foot longer than any other I looked at.

The lamps are so nice with our furniture. The story behind them is kind of neat: we had looked and looked for lamps and had found nothing that suited us. Then we were invited to dinner by an acquaintance and she had the perfect lamps in her living room. We asked her if she would mind sharing where she had found the wonderful lamps and did she mind if we bought the same ones for our bedroom? She laughingly told us that was the best compliment and that we could go ahead and get them.  They look like carved wood.

Our bed covering is a quilt that a friend and her daughter made for me after hearing that my wedding quilt, made by my grandmother, was falling apart.

Over our bed is a picture of my DH and I dancing to "our" song at our DD's wedding. On either side of the window are pictures of our children when they were little. Our bed is on the opposite wall from the window, so we are facing the window when we awake, although that is only because there is only one way to fit everything in the room!


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 08:48:00 PM »
The room is small.  There's no space to do anything in there other than dress or sleep.

We have a queen sized bed with a bedside table on one side, and a tallboy on the other.  These match the bedhead - which I don't like but have not priorisied changing any time soon.

I have a full lungth mirror on one wall, a couple of wedding photos on another, a wedding cross stitch my mother made for us, and a print on the last.  One wall is mostly a floor to ceiling window, with roman blinds. 
I also have a laundry basket, and a tall cube shelving unit which stores excess clothing as our wardrobe is tiny.

We have a very nice bed spread but no decorative pillows or anything - we barely make the bed as is!

So basically because we don't really spend time in there I don't really care that its not as pretty as it could be.


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 09:10:56 PM »
My bedroom is just right - it holds the bed, two bedside tables and a chair, with space to comfortably move around. The bed is medium wood, everything else is white. There are 4 pictures over the bed, representing the four seasons, in white frames. There are three closet doors, which is not enough closet space. Michel has two, I have one where I have my everyday clothing (everything else is in the guest bedroom). I have a little cat statue, a jewelry dish and a vintage silver clock on my bedside table. Michel has the humidifier. Very simple, very tranquil. There is a window that takes up one whole wall, so a lot of light air. I love it.


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 09:22:47 PM »
Our bedroom is probably the next to smallest bedroom in the house and is wall-to-wall furniture.

The walls are Mint Green. One wall:[DH's dresser - my vanity - DH's dresser - my skinny night stand]

On the opposite wall is my dresser - closet with mirrored doors with a nice chair in front of the doors.

Between the walls with the dressers, is our California King-size bed with DH's nightstand. I really(!) like the bed frame. Here is a link to a picture

Our little cat loves walking on the top of the headboard. She uses it like a child's slide.

I really like our dressers. They are older than 60-year old me. The vanity, and 2 of the dressers were purchased by my maternal grandparents for my mother while she was in high school. Well, gee, I just realized that makes them older than 67-year old DH.

DH's vintage night stand, green dresser, and green framed mirror were given to him by his parents.

The accessories I chose are mostly vintage Stangl in the Antique Gold color. I also have a couple Fulper vases. (I love shopping on eBay)

I bought DH's nightstand reading light from one of his parents' yard sales. It has a transparent gold globe with brass accents with an off white shade. My reading lamp came from a local second-hand shop. The base used to be tan with tan 3-D roses on the 4 sides of the base. I used medium pink and green nail polishes to paint the 3-D roses to match the shade (tan with pink roses/green leaves)

Our TV set is on my dresser.

Our Cal-Size bed is very comfy. The grandkids love to roll around on it. Lots of room for 6foot6inch DH and 5foot7inch me to sleep. (We're a little bit fluffier than we should be  :-[ )

Our bedspread is temporary. It's one I got for $20 because it was considered a Second(not perfect). The print is okay (beige, green, blue, and burnt orangey brown). It's big enough to cover our bed with about  15" drop on each side, but will still fit in my washing machine.  :D


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 10:35:55 PM »
  You go through a door and there's a short hallway with a double-door closet on one wall and the bathroom off the other wall.  The bathroom has the sinks along one side, and another closet on the other.  The tub and toilet are in a smaller room through that one.  The bedroom has two walk-in closets along one wall, a fireplace and windows opposite that, and built-in bookshelves on the wall facing the bed.  There's a sitting room behind the bookcase wall, where a lot of boxes currently sit  ;D.  At one corner, between the window and the bookcases, is the door to the veranda.  It's a far bigger room than our old apartment, and I love it, but limited on what furniture we can get in there.  We currently have a king-size bed and an old end table I picked up at a garage sale.  We need two dressers; our clothes are mostly in two plastic drawer things from Target-we just never bought bedroom furniture.  DH has his computer in the sitting room, a TV, and a mini-fridge.  It's going to be a great hangout when I get it cleared out.

ETA: The whole condo is hardwood floors, and the walls are cream-colored with a kind of trim around the ceiling. 
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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 10:46:40 PM »
My bedroom is really small - my ranch house was built in the 70's.  I have hickory hardware floors in a saddle color.  Having a small room  - I fell in love with this very $$$ flooring and the builder had a return on some of the wood because they had over ordered.  I got it for a huge discount. 

We had 2 standard reach into closets - which we had gutted , enlarged to fit over the while width of the room and built in the the dressers and shoe cubbies.  its very beautiful custom crafted in birch, stained a rich cherry color.

my walls are a tan/gold color with cream trim. my comforter is back with tan designs - a kind of french pattern ( which I can not think of ... but I will recognize ).  my bed headboard and footboards are custom made from an antique farm gates.  At the foot of my bed - I have an antiques cedar chest from Lancaster County Penn.

Small - but I love every bit of it.


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #7 on: Yesterday at 10:50:53 PM »
I have blue walls. One wall is half taken up with floor to ceiling wooden closet doors (its a big, walk-in closet). There are two doorways, one into the room and one from the room into the en-suite, and a large window with wall to wall curtains. They're chocolate brown currently but I'm thinking about changing them and the chocolate brown duvet cover, to something a bit lighter and brighter.
We have a queen size sleigh bed with a low footboard (plus box spring and mattress) , a matching nightstand and the matching dresser with mirror. It's all a dark colour. Instead of a second matching nightstand we have an antique telephone stand that just holds DH's alarm clock.


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #8 on: Yesterday at 10:58:26 PM »
I always wanted a sleigh bed. they are so pretty !


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #9 on: Yesterday at 11:17:17 PM »
Medium-sized master bedroom that is 100% furnished by Ikea in cedar color (warm, red-brown). Queen-sized "Malm" bed with integrated nightstands. One regular mattress sits on the bed frame, which is designed to not need a box spring - it's actually very comfortable. Ice cube shaped lamp on each nightstand, and I have a white noise machine / alarm clock on one of the nightstands. Sleep does not happen without white noise. Cotton duvet cover in a dusty blue color, with no bed skirt, fancy pillow shams, or other decoration (I'm very minimalist). I stuff the duvet cover with a heavy down comforter in winter, and a lightweight comforter in summer. Flannel sheets in winter, and lightweight cotton in summer - white only, no fancy-colored sheets in this house.

Two Ikea "Malm" dressers for clothes. I have them sitting next to each other beneath the windows. My house was built in the 1950s, and true to the era there is a long row of sliding windows (as opposed to double-hung) on one wall. One very modern-looking Ikea lamp with a frosted glass shade, a grouping of oil candles (I dye the oil green because I like it as an accent color), an aluminum bowl with fig-scented potpourri, and a small shell stereo system sit on top of the dressers. Other than the white noise machine, the stereo is the only piece of electronic equipment in the bedroom. I keep the mobile phone charging station in the master bathroom because I want the phone nearby but not in next to the bed.

My bedroom has two small closets, and they're stuffed with clothes. Thus the two dressers. I'd love to have a walk-in closet and hope to build one some day.

The walls are light blue, and the floor is covered with light tan carpet. Trim is painted white. I have blackout accordion shades on the windows as I like a very dark room for sleeping.

I have a huge metal sculpture mounted on the wall above my bed. Very modern looking. For contrast, I have a large, handmade pottery floor vase in a warm terra cotta color in a corner (it is similar to the color of the furniture and contrast nicely with the light blue walls and medium blue duvet cover). Contrast is something I like in a room - warm & cool colors, rough vs. smooth textures, etc. I have a full-length mirror mounted on the wall next to the door - don't know how I'd live without it.

My apologies to interior designers who dislike ceiling fans, but my bedroom has a ceiling fan right above the bed. It's practical and helps the room feel cooler without having to run the expensive air conditioner as much. With that said, I'd like to replace the fixture with a ceiling fan that has more personality if that makes sense.

No seating in the bedroom as there is not a lot of room for it, but there is a chair in the closet off of the master bathroom to use while getting dressed.

I like the idea of changing out linens & decor with the seasons. I do it very in other areas of the house, but in the bedroom I only change out the sheets and comforter.
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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #10 on: Today at 12:58:30 AM »
Medium room, but absolutely stuffed with wife's Agatha Christie and similar "little old lady mysteries". Decorated? Ha ha ha! ... pardon me while I finish laughing. The same tacky wood paneling that came with the place from a 1970s condo conversion. Also a legacy from that conversion is the awful "popcorn" ceiling.

Leftover pictures from our early past crowd what little wall is left, after you subtract bookshelves, books not on shelves, huge sewing shelf, curtained eight-foot auxiliary closet I built her back when I could build things, her dresser piled high with jewelry she makes, my dresser piled high with clean clothes I would put away except I'll be wearing them in a few days. I bought her the coordinated dressers/nightstands/extra drawer set from Pier 1 as a special present.

Queen bed with the mattress/spring from Ikea that Consumer Reports rated as best (even better than expensive name brands), and we love it and it was shockingly cheap. For years I insisted on a futon against her objections, but I now see the folly of my ways. Sheets ... always flannel (we both believe in "cozy" as an eternal virtue). For some reason she usually buys blue sheets, but no matter what they cost and no matter how many times they're washed my gray hair winds up being blue after a night or two ... I've come to like my blue hair. She has decorative pillows on her side, I tell her that real men don't use decorative pillows. However, stuffed onto my edge is my teddy bear given to me long ago by my first girlfriend, which my wife dug out of storage and knitted a bear-sized sweater that says "Mr. Bear". My best Christmas present ever, so for revenge I make her say "good night Mister Bear" every night I'm not up late working. Table lamps can also be described as "assorted" and if you ask me to describe them further, I can add that "they work".

There is a television I don't know how to work, on which she sometimes repeat-plays the Gerard Depardieu "Count of Monte Cristo" or else BBC nature documentaries, also there's a small CD player which nightly lulls us into dreamland with a CD of ocean sounds mixed with Tibetan bowl-bells. And to wake up, both of our alarm clocks play nature sounds.

I knew we were a weird pair, but after writing this description it seems that this room is where the full force of our oddness comes out.
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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #11 on: Today at 02:15:27 AM »
It's kinda small, or at least feels small with all our stuff. It's 14x12 and holds a king-sized bed, two night stands, two large dressers, a hope chest, a hamper, and an air purifier. We also have a 10x2 closet. It is one closet with two 4' openings. We removed the bifold closet doors and replaced with curtains, because when the doors were open, they blocked about 6" of access on each side. Now we can actually get to all the corners easily.

We have a 60s ranch, with the short high "awning" style windows. They are great for privacy and furniture placement, but our window treatments are rather uninspired - vinyl mini blinds topped with draped window scarves. We want to soon swap the blinds for wood.

Walls are a light beige. I don't mind the color too much, but we've had some unfortunate patching color mismatches, so we really need to paint. When we get around to it, I want to change the color to a soft sage green. Floors are a light colored hardwood. No rugs.

My favorite thing in my room is a painting a friend of mine did. My second favorite thing is my comforter. It's this one - I just love the colors.

The bed always has flannel sheets on it. We find that flannel is much better at regulating temperature; it's nice and warm in the winter, and has a wicking cooling effect in the summer. The only problem is the sheets are so thick, they don't fold up nicely to fit in the hope chest. Our bed also has two sham sets, two body pillows, and a small travel pillow. And my stuffed animal from many, many years ago (which my husband has appropriated). We bought our mattress set before we bought our bed. The bed does not require a box spring, but our mattress does, so our bed sits really high. It makes our nightstands look short, and puts the already too small lamps too low.

No TV. We used to have an objection, but we compromised our principles when we got iPads with Netflix.

Sheesh, I used to like our room well enough, but now that I read the description, I want a room makeover!


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Re: Talk to Me About Your Bedroom
« Reply #12 on: Today at 07:05:08 AM »