Author Topic: Where do you get your coffee?  (Read 743 times)

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Re: Where do you get your coffee?
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I have to laugh though; I ordered K-cups for work in bulk, from Amazon. I used to do their subscription plan where you order at a set interval you choose, and you get an extra 5% off. The ones I had been getting were apparetnly no longer eligible, so they kindly changed my order. To decaf!  Um no, sorry, unacceptable. So I cancelled it, and now need to just remember to order when my stash gets low!

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Re: Where do you get your coffee?
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I am spoilt for choice in my neighbourhood. We have a myriad of cute little coffee shop, all serving excellent coffee. None of them are chains though.



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Re: Where do you get your coffee?
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I did not discover coffee until my mid-twenties. My parents drink their home brewed coffee black and that never appealed to me. I never knew half and half existed.

I now use a home brew system by Melitta with a manual drip cone that we pour water from a tea kettle into. The Cook's Illustrated method. I like the Melitta classic blend for hot coffee.


this is what my mom uses. She makes a pot whenver the last is gone, and reheats as she drinks it. I do the same thing, sort of, with my strainer and filter in the am.  I think its actually better this way.

I also have a vintage Farberware electric percolator, which makes good coffee too, but I as I only drink one cup before work at home, kind of a waste.

We do something similar. We have a pour-through Bunn coffee maker (the kind that has a reservoir of heated water) with a separately-controlled heating element for the pot. We leave that turned off, and make a full pot every time. The coffee cools, and we just reheat a cup as we need it.

(The Bunn belonged to my parents before they handed it over to us. The water at the ancestral homestead was laden with minerals, and no one had ever de-scaled the reservoir in its twenty-odd years of use. The heating coil in the bottom of the reservoir was buried in two inches of scale. The coffee tastes better and the machine works much better now that it's been descaled.)


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Re: Where do you get your coffee?
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I'm trying the iced coffee from the strong batch I brewed last night. It's pretty good. I will save over $100 per month by brewing my own.