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Exercise & Pregnancy

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Redneck Gravy:
Why does the public think it is okay to question and/or comment on pregnant women?

I played tennis until I was about 7 months pregnant and golf until two weeks before DD#2 was born.  I also swam almost every day while pregnant with DD#1 (although I actually hate water activities) because it was so blooming hot.

EVERYONE had some comment to make and I mean everyone - the new neighbors, the postman, the UPS driver, my mom, his mom, our dads, sisters, brothers and at least every other cousin. 

"My doctor has approved this exercise for me at this time" was my best answer.


--- Quote from: menley on September 17, 2013, 01:32:24 PM ---Oh wow! I can't imagine what would make her say it in that way.

I do wonder though - obviously this was not the right approach, as the woman barely knows you and said a whole host of judgmental things. But I have to admit that I've had friends who have done "bootcamp" classes and they're always talking about how strenuous it is and how they're "CRUD MONKEYS! totally destroyed" after each class. If a friend told me she was pregnant and then mentioned that she was continuing to take those classes, I might be concerned for her and ask her if she'd checked with her doctor. Is that totally rude of me?

--- End quote ---

I think is a perfectly legit question for one *close* friend to ask another out of concern, and I had a much closer friend male and does Crossfit express surprise that I was able to continue. But the question was asked politely. I'm personally finding with these classes that the trick is to stay within my comfort zone, rather than try to push past my comfort zone like I would have pre-pregnancy. I'm trying to maintain fitness rather than improve it, if that makes sense?

But yes, her presentation (and bizzare lecture?) was way over the top. She's an older lady, and I'm in an odd situation at work becaue my parents worked at the same office for many years. She is a woman I know I met as a child but I don't personally know her that well outside of the occasional hello at the gym. I know people sometimes have their own hangups about pregancy based on their own experiances, so maybe there's a story there I don't know. But still, what the heck?

I will say that my first pregnancy where I was fit and spry and lifting weights until into the third trimester and swimming the morning of the day I went into labour was much easier than my second where I was less fit when I started and barely walking near the end.

So I applaud your efforts. Your body is used to this exercise so keeping it up is great (as long as your doctor is on board and you listen to your body- I have read an interesting theory that our body can only operate at 2/2.5 times the base metabolic rate and that the third trimester gets close). Personally, I found in my first that I could keep my energy and fitness up as long as I got waaay more sleep than I needed when not pregnant.

That woman is so out of line, she has lost sight of it. Good response.

I certainly understand the impulse for people to comment on, (or want to touch) pregnant women and their bellies - it is a very primal thing, going back to the perpetuation of the species/tribe.

However, like many other impulses that bubble up from our mammal brains, this is one that should be strictly curbed.

This woman was very rude.  I'm guessing, since you mention she was an older lady, that she was going by the advice given in her generation that pregnant women had to be "confined" and do little to nothing.  Times have certainly changed.

I had the opposite reaction from a complete stranger.  Since I had never exercised prior to becoming pregnant and was considered high risk I was told not to exercise beyond walking or light swimming.  I was discussing my pregnancy with a coworker in the restroom when this complete stranger ran up and said:

"Have you gotten Famous Celebrity Pregnancy Workout video?"
Me:  No
Her:  Well, you NEED to or you'll NEVER lose the weight you're going to gain!

My response was not ehell approved.  I said "As if it were any of your business, but I'm a high risk pregnancy and I was told NOT to start an exercise regiment.  Happy, now?!".


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