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What is the E-Hell Team?


I received an e-Mail message from 'The E-Hell Team' that I had labeled another poster a troll.  The  message said that 'I should know better' and that 'I have been warned'.   

I am not aware that I have called any poster a troll. I would like to have a reference to the offending post.   

This message does not sound like messages from the Admins here. 

If I have offended, I am truly sorry but I have my doubts about this. 

May I please have some clarification on this? 

Outdoor Girl:
Sounds fishy to me and not like the admins on this board, if that makes you feel any better.

This is what you posted in a thread that was deleted by another mod, but I sent the warning for this comment you posted a few days ago Am I the only one who is sensing a 'Troll' here?  . After I saw this post I double checked to make sure I wasn't wrong, but it came from your username.
If it was not you who posted that then I would suggest you take a look at who besides you has access to your ehell account.

Please give me a link to my offensive post. 

I can give you a link but you won't be able to access it because it's in a staff folder. I can provide a screen shot if you prefer.


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