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Re: Shoe Shopping Ambush UPDATE PG 6

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My first thought was to say something like, "And WHY exactly do I need to allow you to give me orders about what I wear?  I don't even KNOW you!"

I think your first answer was perfect. I have to be honest, on the second approach, I probably would have been firmer. A stranger, trying to tell me what I should and shouldn't wear? I would have said something like, "I'm not interested in your opinion, leave me alone." Not aggressively, or in a nasty tone of voice, but firmly. Any contact after that and I would have found an employee and informed them that I was being harassed by another customer.

Even the "I'm sorry you feel that way" was completely appropriate.  You *were* sorry she felt that way, because it was intrusive and rude on her part.  It wasn't a apologetic sorry, but a regretful sorry.

Gold stars from over here.  You were polite, calm, didn't escalate the situation, and didn't engage with her beyond being tolerant.

You had lots of room in your choice of reactions: from silence to snark to argumentative.  Instead you were a perfect etiquette duck.

Personally, as a short woman, I always look at tall women who rock the heels with admiration and a little envy.  Even in my tallest of shoes, I still hear short jokes.

I think in your shoes (hur hur), I would like to have reacted similarly.


When the woman saw that I was trying on more high heels, she said, "I just said you shouldn't wear such high heels, why are you ignoring me?"

Me: "Because they are my feet.  I can get a manager if you are still having a problem."


OP you handled it perfectly.  How horribly rude of that woman!


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