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Priest unloads on videographer/s during a wedding ceremony

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In the video, you see the back of the officiant and the front of the couple and the guests beyond.  He suddenly realizes that there are people behind him filming and he turns around and addresses them and dresses them down.

The couple look a bit mortified.

My problem with what he did is that he changed the whole tone of the wedding.  Whether or not the presence of the video people was disruptive or not, this officiant made it even more disruptive.

The way that I think he should have handled it was to say something to the bride and/or groom and let them say something to the video people.

To angrily say that its a solemn ceremony and that its "all about God" wasn't the best choice, I don't think...

What do you think?

It appears to me that maybe the couple knew that there was someone filming and maybe they had arranged for someone to film the ceremony from that angle.  I personally think the minister was a bit out of line with how he handled it.  If there was going to be a problem with filming, the issue should have been brought up in the pre-ceremony counseling that a lot of ministers do prior to a marriage ceremony, and he should have then told the couple his guidelines of what he considers appropriate. 

I would have really been upset with the officiant if something like that had happened at our wedding.

When I read the thread title, I was thinking Catholic church, and was preparing to defend the idea that photographers should not be up on the altar, but this is totally not that.

It's too bad that photographer placement wasn't discussed beforehand, but yeah, I think the officiant was very heavy-handed. The poor couple did not look happy. I agree that the officiant was out of line.

Library Dragon:
The guidelines may have been reviewed before hand.  We did this for DS2 & DIL's wedding weeks before.  A printed sheet of guidlines is part of the standard info given to photographers.  We spent a large portion of the wedding rehearsal telling the photographers where they could not go because they ignored the instructions.  Yes, the photographers still tried to go into those areas and step between the priest and HC during the wedding.  Our pastor has a patented death stare and it stopped them. 

The HC in this instance does look like they knew and may have okayed it.  Perhaps contrary to previous instructions?  It wouldn't be the first time (DH has reams of stories from the weddings he's conducted).

At first look the the admonition is over the top.  Yet, I ask what was said to HC and photographer before the wedding?

Having watched the footage I think the officiant was incredibly rude and inappropriate.  If he hates photography so much he's in the wrong line of work.   He disrupted a solemn, important ceremony with an unnecessary and angry outburst, and quite frankly he owes that couple an apology for being so disrespectful.  I hope they didn't pay him!

I agree church rules must be respected, but this was a garden!  I think it was more that he was uncomfortable having anybody behind him, but that's his problem.   Again, wrong line of work! I am appalled that he would let his own pompous self-righteousness disrupt a wedding ceremony.


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