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dealing with food-related comments

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"More for me!"
"And you are commenting on  my food because..."'
"Don't worry, I won't make you eat any."
"You said that out loud, you know."

Response to an "ewww gross" to me will be met with a raised eyebrow with a bemused look and a "Excuse me, did you just call my lunch gross?" Then a short laugh, a shake of the head, and a return to my lunch.

I usually come up with 'I don't recall asking for your opinion on my food'.   
Coldly.  Very coldly. 

i tend to take a bite bite and make yummy noises :)  and if they persist reply with "did i offer you any? no? then stop commenting on it!"

When DH's close and extended family visit, it's usually for the weekend.  They are from rural areas.

He always tells me "Don't cook wired stuff".  About the fifth time, I asked him what weird stuff I cooked.

His answer - lamb stew, cheesy garlic biscuts, waffles, bruschetta, steamed veggies, ya know, weird stuff. 

And yes, I have had his family turn up their nose at the cheese garlic biscuts.


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