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Awkward! But did I do ok?

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So I am at O'Hare picking up my son this summer - he was on leave from the Navy to meet his sister (she was put up for adoption 28 years ago and she found me and we met this summer).  Husband had driven as I had a TERRIBLE headache and my head was swimming - my contacts were giving me problems and my eyes were watering on top of it.  Plus the sun was at the back of the people walking into baggage claim so I was looking into it (the sun).

The poor boy who walked out of the doors into baggage claim and had me running up to him yelling "son's name" was particularly confused, as he wasn't my son.

In my defense, my husband even thought at first it was him - exact same build and haircut.  But yeesh - talk about embarassed.   :D

This used to happen to a friend of mine in college.  It was so frequent, especially when he was out in bars, that he had a T-shirt made that said "I am not Ted Walker".  He never did get to meet the real Ted who was evidently very popular.


--- Quote from: Promise on September 20, 2013, 01:04:21 PM ---There was a woman in my community who looked just like me - not related. People thought I was her and would stop and talk assuming I was her. I didn't figure this out until later after wondering how these people knew me.

--- End quote ---

I actually used to have a friend who was very similar to me in height, build and coloring, same type glasses.  i don't think our faces looked that much alike, but we both have a superficial resemblance to Joan Cusack in slightly different ways.

We were mistaken for each other CONSTANTLY.  We did plays together, and the director would call us by each other's names. Neighbors would either greet or accost us when we visited each other. The worst was when my DH was using her DH's wood shop at work, and I walked in and kissed MY DH hello.  Friend's husbands' co-workers got very very wigged out.

OP, I think you did fine, and if you do run into her again, I think anything from a friendly wave to a lighthearted, "so how is your mom?" would be fine.  Personally, I'd start with a wave and smile and let her pursue it or not.  If the first wave/smile was not well received, I'd downgrade to nodding and kind of follow her lead.  You might wind up making a friend or friendly acquantance, but it would be easy to come off too pushy when that is totally not your intention.  That's why I'd let her set the tone.

Thanks all, your stories made me feel better. But what I really want to know is the next time I see her (and I know I will) is should I greet her the same way I always have? I'd like to. Because even though we're only acquaintences (meaning we've never met outside of that store), she is a very pleasant person and I Do like talking to her in that scenario. Or would you think that would make her uncomfortable. And if I do, and she seems uncomfortable, what should I do then?

I would definitely keep making small talk and being polite when you see her, after all, it's nice to be nice and a friendly face is always welcome. 


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