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Do you think this is odd?

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I don't think it's rude per se, but it does seem a little odd to me.  I was interested in what my fellow ehellions would think.

I added an event to fb last week.  The invite was for an evening at a popular place to paint and drink wine.  I had two friends that wanted to go and I thought it would be easier than texting back and forth.  I didn't make it a private invite because I figured the other two might want to invite friends and potentially some of our mutual friends might see it and want to come.  I figured we'd invite our mutual friends anyway, but this way we wouldn't have to rehash all the details.

On the invite were just 3 people: Jane, Tina, and me.  Before Jane or Tina even responded a fb friend of mine who does not know either of the other two RSVP'd that she was coming. 

Now, I understand that the fb event was public.  I suppose she saw it in her newsfeed, thought "Cool, that's fun!" and RSVP'd.  But I think it's weird that she RSVP'd to an event that she wasn't invited to and that she didn't know either of the other attendees.  I mean, I did make it public purposely so that people that weren't formally invited could attend.  I just didn't expect someone from outside of that circle to want to attend. 

Does anyone else think this is odd?  Or does this happen all the time? 

PS.  I did immediately change the invite to private, but I didn't kick her out.  It's fine that she comes. 

Facebook is really weird with events and invites. I get things all the time that are "suggested events" that my friends are attending. Sometimes it's not really c lear that you haven't actually been invited to the event. So I think I'd give your friend a pass on this, she probably thought you were inviting her.

plus it sounds like fun.  Painting and drinking.  What could go wrong?

I've had that happen to me, except I was the friend.  One of my mutual friends has a bunco night every so often.  I usually don't see the events, but somehow it got put on my timeline.  Once I looked at the event and noticed I didn't know anyone, I ignored the thread.

I think your friend, actually correctly, assumed she was welcome at the event since it was public. To avoid confusion make the event private and add just the people you want to see it.


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