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Do you think this is odd?

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Facebook events are extremely confusing. I've thought I've been invited to things that it turns out I hadn't been, and it's just...hard to tell sometimes.

Every time I read an update to this thread, I think, "But ... wine! ... can I come?"
OP, it is your own dang fault for thinking of such a great idea. 

When I was still in school I had two separate people who I didn't know, on two separate occasions, RSVP to a party I was hosting.  I had done the same thing - made it public so that friends could join.  In both cases, the people saw the event on a facebook feed of local events and saw that 10+ people were attending and thought it might be fun.

Both of those two people are now close friends of mine.

I share that just to say that I don't think it is odd to RSVP to a public event created by a friend even if you weren't formally invited.  Heck, I would probably find it weird now, but back in college I didn't even find the strangers RSVPing to be all that odd.


--- Quote from: quietgirl on September 23, 2013, 03:18:11 PM ---  I mean, I did make it public purposely so that people that weren't formally invited could attend.  I just didn't expect someone from outside of that circle to want to attend. 


--- End quote ---

This is the part I admit I don't understand.  You were ok with people who weren't formally invited attending, but only SOME people who weren't formally invited, specifically people inside a specific circle.  Except this was not communicated by creating a public event.  A public event communicates:  All are welcome, the more the merrier! It doesn't communicate:  we only want people who know all of us to RSVP.  And actually if you have a specific "circle", the best thing to do is invite them individually and make it a private event.


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