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Thank you for that, Katycoo. ((sniff)) What you said really does help. A lot. I'm sure I'll be okay...just got off the phone w/crisis hotline, feel a bit better. Am making arrangements to find a more sustainable, longer term solution. Maybe hitting the bottom like this was a good motivator to finally get to it.  :D

Hugs right back to you. And thank you.

Is this the same brother whose child demanded a $1000 check from you? If so, SIL sounds like she's met her perfect match.

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better, mrkitty.

And I agree that SIL is acting in a very unfriendly manner. But you know what? That's on her, not you. Sounds like she's just not a very nice person, and she'd accept you in a second if she thought there was some material gain in it for her. So, you're better off *not* being her FB friend, really.

I hope that you do find some long-term support. I know that when one is down, everything looks black. But sometimes, you have to remind yourself, that's a lie told by the depression itself, not the true state of things.

The one and the same, actually. Twik, you're so right - I am probably better off *not* being fb friends, or friends, period.

I am, however, very much looking forward to taking steps toward healing. I have been isolated and alone for a very long time, and I sort of think my spirit is telling me I'm ready to do the work now. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting back on the Prozac (I find it helpful, anyway, plus I'm not allergic to *this* one, it seems) because it really seems to help level me off and process information/feelings more slowly and rationally, plus (Deity willing!) some cognitive therapy to learn some coping skills and, well, a lot of stuff I need to do. Plus, the crisis line gave me some information about a support group for people who have undergone se@ual assault, and I would like to try attending a meeting sometime. Plus, DH said he would try to find a way for us to be able to go to church this weekend, and I think that would be lovely. A few positive steps in the right direction, so things are looking up. Plus, you all have given me some excellent feedback and tips on coping, and I couldn't be more grateful.

OP, your post has more red flags than a bullfight.

Why in the world would you want to even be FB friends with anyone in your brother's family after he and his daughter made it clear you only exist to be their personal ATM?  As for your husband being FB friends with the SIL, just go on there yourself and block the (redacted).  He probably wouldn't notice or care.

As far as your husband throwing the "I make the money" into your face, that's just reprehensible.  My husband did that.  Once.  He suffered greatly and for a very long time for that little remark.


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