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Indian/SE Asian Christmas dinner menu

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My husband and I host the family Christmas dinner every year and do different themes for it.  One year was Mexican, one was a seafood boil, one was medieval Ottoman, one was Silk Road with yakburgers.  This year we are doing Indian and SE Asian.  My husband also deep fries a turkey each year.  My brother especially is really excited as this is his favorite food.

We expect somewhere between 12-15 people.

We'll have 2 diabetics, one lactose intolerant person, one severe cinnamon allergy (so no garam masala :( ), and a walnut allergy to work around.

I've got a tentative menu sort of figured out, as long as all the recipes I'm testing turn out ok, but am wondering if this looks like enough food for the number of people, and looks well balanced to accommodate dietary issues.

Here's my rough menu idea:
Deep fried turkey  (because hubby would be sad if he can't fry a turkey out back  ;D ) with chutneys and peanut sauce to serve with it
Mixed vegetable and potato curry in coconut milk (already tested this one and it passes)
Indonesian black rice pudding with coconut milk (already tested and approved)
Indian chickpea flour bread with green chilis (need to test)
Indonesian pickled vegetables (need to test)
Thai rice with bananas, mung beans, and coconut milk (testing tonight - is this coconut overkill?)
Indian scallops with ajowan seeds (need to test)
Carrot salad with chili paste (need to test but looks super easy)
Indian green bean salad  (need to test)
Mom will probably bring cookies

Oh Joy:
So many yummy flavors!

How about some plain naan and a bowl of sliced cucumbers to freshen the palate, along with some fennel candy?

I'd suggest some dairy free raita too which helps with hot curries.

Make sure you have plenty of naan and plain rice on hand to soak up all the yummy sauces.

Roti is not that hard to make Ian's it can be done in advance, just warm it up and make sure you scorch it a little.


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