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Non-fast food drive thrus

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I live in Southern Maryland.  Sidewalks are very hit or miss.  Usually within a development there are sidewalks but to get out of the development you have to walk on busy roads or the in the grass by the busy roads.  I hate it!  We still go to the store by walking but scurry across the busy road to the side where there is a sidewalk for part of the walk.

We have sidewalks just about everywhere out here. I mean in less you're way way out of the city, or there's construction that requires "shutting down" the sidewalk. The idea of a housing development just not having a side walk is so odd to me. And we have more drivers then pedestrians for sure, our cities aren't really set up to be able to walk around them.

Sidewalks are also maintained by the city. Or maybe county...


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--- Quote from: Sharnita on October 18, 2013, 08:18:12 AM ---There was a news story about sidewalks in a neighborhood near us not being used, people being forced to walk in the street because the sidewalk isn't maintained by property owners.

There is overgrown grass and weeds in the summer and ice and snow in the winter. People feel the road is safer if they need to walk somewhere. Some of those properties are abandoned so the is nobody to care for that section.

In other areas there might not be community support for the cost of sidewalks. There night be other things preventing them as well.

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This concept is so alien to me. Here, pavements are maintained by the local council.

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Same here, but there's usually no snow to clear.

In finding out a lot if fascinating differences in this thread.


--- Quote from: Leafy on October 17, 2013, 11:54:03 PM ---I am fascinated by the notion that some places don't have any footpaths. It's very unusual here (Perth, Western Australia) to not have a footpath on at least one side of the road. I'm wondering if mums in these areas don't go for walks with their babies in prams/strollers? Having taken my little one for a walk this morning in our surrounding streets and seen at least a half dozen other mums with prams it has me wondering.

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My town has sidewalks only on the very busiest streets, no neighborhoods have sidewalks. We still take our babies for walks, we walk our dogs, run, and do all the same things everyone with sidewalks do, we just do it on the edge of the street.

Where I grew up, we were a minimum ten minute drive from just about everything save church and the combination canoe rental/ice cream place on the river. The only people walking were my parents after dinner with the dog.  :P We lived a bit out of town though.

Where I live now, I can walk to a few places safely, but not everywhere. The town is a bit of an oddity, because on one hand, we have parts that were developed early in the country's history, so there's a downtown with stone buildings, brick walks and lots of fancy homes within walking distance, but there are also arms of road that lead to sprawl, where you have nice subdivisions, but no sidewalks or way to safely cross the street to get to the walmart/bbq joint/bank/what have you that's across the way. So, I can walk to the bank branch that's on main street from my work (a hike, but definitely possible) but there's no way I'd do anything but drive to the one that's by the movie theater, since it would mean crossing five lanes of traffic with no crosswalk or sidewalk.


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