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Author Topic: S/O Smartphone: Log in and "like" the company on FB  (Read 11781 times)

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Re: S/O Smartphone: Log in and "like" the company on FB
« Reply #15 on: September 28, 2013, 08:59:52 AM »
The company DS just left had a major FB spam campaign...if you 'liked' their page, you got hit with multiple posts a day about their services, specials, etc.  He got yelled at a few times for not posting enough on their FB page, and not getting enough outside people to 'like' it - they were required to get 5 new 'likes' a week or something ridiculous like that.
This tells me they have NO idea of how social media works. This should backfire on them majorly.

Edited to add
I hate it when people who don't use technology keep trying to tell us who use it what to do.

Old principal -- It is district policy that you cannot friend anyone under 18 if you have we can fire you. (teacher asked about her own kids) I don't care none of you should be on facebook for any reason only fools ..... (imagine the rest of the rant he doesn't cuss. He did suggest that we not sign our contracts last year and instead seek employment at Wal-mart)

Real District policy - you cannot friend students under 18 unless you
1. Are a family member (there has been some dispute about what family is because there are people in district who know 3rd - 4th cousins)

2. You have a prior social relationship with the student's family including the parents (this is a cross between small town and bedroom community)

3. You are part of another group (usually Church or sports group) and have a position that requires use of social media (coach that sends out updates)

New principal was shocked when another staff member and I pointed out that their proposed hashtag for the school included name of a murderous hate group. I quickly found 5 other variations that didn't include the abbreviation, and wasn't being used by others on Twitter or facebook. Still waiting for the final decision. 
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