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former NFL player Brian Holloway, his house and his response

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Apparently not too long ago, a bunch (as in about 300) of teens broke into former NFL player Brian Holloway's second home (he doesn't live there, and it was up for sale) and had a huge party. but not just a party, they also severely vandalized the house - breaking windows, putting hole in ceilings, urinating all over, spray painting, etc to the tune of $20k in damages. They also stole from the house. The teens tweeted and posted to Facebook pictures and descriptions of what they were doing, as they were doing it.

Mr Holloway's response was not to press charges, but rather to start a website where he reposted the teens photos (which he got off their own Twitter and Facebook pages). He also invited them all to a picnic at the house to help clean it up. And he basically said he hoped to hep them fin better ways to spend their time.

The response from the teen's parents was... outrage at Mr Holloway!

Those parents should be ashamed of themselves.  They had a chance to teach their kids a lesson.  Pathetic.

He's fed up with all of them and is pressing charges.

Library Dragon:
He was more gracious and willing to forgive than I would have been.  No wonder the teens thought they had the "right" to trash his house with that type of parental attitude. 

rose red:

--- Quote from: Hillia on September 26, 2013, 04:01:24 PM ---He's fed up with all of them and is pressing charges.

--- End quote ---

Good.  I was more angry with the parents than the teenagers (which I was pretty darn angry with, so that's saying something).


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