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former NFL player Brian Holloway, his house and his response

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--- Quote from: Sophia on September 27, 2013, 09:45:04 AM ---One of the best updates I've read.
One of the parent's complaints was that him going public would effect the chance at a good college.  With an arrest record, a college is a lot more likely to take notice.

--- End quote ---

As if a child who thinks one kind of thing is okay has a CHANCE at surviving college life- first wild house party they get into will probably get them put in jail or the emergency room.

This is how Sean Taylor got killed.

Teens breaking in when they thought no one was home, then panicking when he was home after all and fatally shooting him.  This not just minor vandalism - it is CRIMINAL. 

Wow, I hadn't read that about the grave marker.

I really hope Holloway pursues civil charges, as well, against the 19 year old and the parents of the minors.  I don't even want to know how or why they decided their "kids" were victimized in this, but if common decency and values don't give them the clue-by-4 they obviously need, a direct hit to the savings account might do the trick.  Unreal.


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