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Healthy eating?

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I cook from the "Eat this, not that" cookbooks and the America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family cookbook nearly all the time. I also have a few Cooking Light books I use.

You can cook healthy food from raw to complete in 30 minutes. I also use a slow cooker on a regular basis to cook meats that need a long time to be tender like brisket.

We try to only eat whole grains and whole grain bread. No high fructose corn syrup allowed in my house. No artificial sweeteners. I reduce the sugar in any recipe that calls for it or cut it out entirely. I substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream and oil in many recipes. I only buy Greek yogurt with no additives, so Fage brand is the one I can find.

I eat a small apple or pear each morning with my breakfast of yogurt and whole grain granola. I don't get hungry until lunch time. I eat whole grains, vegetables and lean protein for lunch. Dinner varies, but along the same formula. I don't drink any sweetened beverages. Coffee with half & half in the morning, unsweetened brewed iced and hot tea with water all day. I carry a refillable water bottle everywhere.

One ounce of 50% or more Cacao chocolate is a every day indulgence.


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