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Doggie bags at dinner parties - today's Dear Abby

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--- Quote from: Dragonflymom on September 30, 2013, 11:56:57 AM ---I've had someone ask for leftovers once, but it was a small gathering, her husband found out he couldn't make it at the last minute, and I'd made something he particularly liked.  Under those circumstances I didn't think it was rude, but I think it would be in almost any other circumstances.

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I'd be totally fine with this! In fact, if I knew someone's DH couldn't make it at the last mintue, I'd put together a doggie bag for him!

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Absolutely- in fact, I'd reserve his portion before dinner was served.

We don't formally entertain much, but I've never had anyone ask for doggie bags when we do. Informal gatherings with friends and family holiday dinners are more the case for us, and it's usually the opposite- there's always an abundance, and everybody tries to get everybody else to take leftovers :D

In our circle of friends we used to have a couple that hardly ever socialized together.  The husband preferred to stay home, while the wife was always ready to be out and about.  That was fine, except at the end of the evening, the wife would always ask for a paper plate and fill it up to take home to her antisocial husband.  She never asked if it was okay.  She would just fill up the plate and go. 

I think I'd be a little put out if a guest asked for leftovers but it really depends on context of each individual circumstance.  I'd probably offer.

Outdoor Girl:
I would be very unhappy if guests asked for leftovers.  I make up my own frozen dinners and I would likely have cooked extra just so I could do that.  If there are things I don't want to keep (like fresh bread and dessert, 'cause I'd eat it all in short order), I'd offer them.  But otherwise?  The leftovers are all mine.

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This actually came up for me - I had made Passover dinner for myself and my friends, who are not Jewish but were interested in learning about the holiday. There were only three of us but I cooked a whole bunch, as I was keeping kosher for Passover and was planning on having the leftovers for the next few days.

One of the attendees after dinner asked how much of the leftovers he could take home.  ??? It was kind of awkward explaining I had plans for the leftovers. He wasn't offended ("Hey, no harm in asking!") but I admit I was a bit out out.


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