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Dog brushing rude?

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This question is in regards to a conversation I recently had with a friend.

Friend has a therapy dog - a Great Pyrenees, which is like a white Golden Retriever in terms of its coat.  On weekends he takes the dog to a children's hospital, does hospice visits, and also conducts dog training sessions.  Since the dog is allowed in the hospital she is obviously kept meticulously groomed.

One day Friend was leaving one appointment (a dog training in a residential neighborhood) and had extra time before going to the next appointment.  His vehicle was parked out on the street.  Because he had a few minutes to kill he decided to walk the dog and brush her a bit. 

A man came out of his house down the street and began walking toward them.  He began yelling at Friend that he knows that Friend does not live in this neighborhood so he should stop brushing the dog in his neighborhood or he was going to call the police.

So Friend asked me if that would bother me... to see someone brushing a dog on the sidewalk.  Personally I'm allergic to dogs, but unless there's a cloud of fur swirling around my head it would never occur to me to be offended.  And again, we're not talking about a dog that's being brushed for the first time in a year so I doubt there was a ton of fur flying around.

Weird topic... I know.  But would you:

a)  be offended?
b)  be offended enough to threaten to call the police?

Tea Drinker:
That's weird to the point that I suspect your friend caught the flak from some kind of ongoing argument: maybe Excited Man is allergic, or his drains keep clogging, and he has been trying without success to get his neighbors not to leave dog hair around.

Yes, large clumps of dog hair can look weird on a nice green lawn, but that hair is nest-lining material for birds in spring and squirrels in the fall. Hm. Maybe he has been trying to get rid of squirrels?

(I'm guessing the ongoing-argument-with-neighbors because otherwise most people might shout, so as not to get close, but they'd be more likely to start with something like "Hey! Don't brush your dog here, my kid has asthma" rather than starting with the threat to call the police.)

Yes I do think your friend was rude. Great Pyrs are much thicker than Golden Retrievers. The amount of hair that you can get from just a few minutes of brushing is often enough to fill a pillow case.

Friend was not rude..he wasn't on this man's property (the man had to walk down the street to get to your friend).  Also, while some hair may fluff around, because of the work this man does with this dog I am assuming he would not just let go of the clumps in the brush and if he did, birds and squirrels loves it for nesting (my dog is a bird favorite in the neighborhood for her poofs of fur).  I think this guy is most likely the neighborhood nut.

I'm not sure if its rude, but I can say it would bug me because I would think its gross. I don't see why pet grooming in public is different then human grooming in public. Its gross when people clip their nails in public and its gross when people brush hair letting off clumps into the world. Unless your friend was next to a garbage can and was properly disposing of the hair, I would be bothered.


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