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So, What's 8+ more people? No biggie, right? DECISION MADE #31 -- LOL #39

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Tell everyone your phone blew up

So, how did it go? Was it a case of "The More the Merrier"?

Yes it was, arila. Thanks for asking. :)

Getting the tent & extra table/chairs turned out to be a great plus. Quite a few people opted to sit out there instead of around the dining table. (Extra expense, but very happy guests . . . thanks, again, everybody for pointing out the guest-comfort thing.)

The weather held out, it was overcast but still nice, until (of course ::)) about 20 minutes after I lit the grill. There was such a torrential downpour (I moved the grill to underneath the awning) and people still hung out under the tent. The storm lasted only about 40 minutes or so then the skies cleared up again.

The best part? Were the guests. You should have seen the look on MIL's face when Jack & Jill showed up. It was priceless. It wasn't awkward for J&J at all, they mingled with everybody . . . I don't remember Jill being such a personable person. I think I really like her! :)

It turns out that Jack just recently "found" BIL because he was looking to reconnect with LDH. He didn't know that LDH passed away. So I'm really glad I was able to accommodate them and didn't turn them away.

Yeah. A good time was had by all. ;D

Hurrah! I am so glad things went well!

Awww! How sweet! I love that update!


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