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What is the correct response in an unsual family situation?

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Even full siblings raised together could experience grief differently. I think you could just respind "Thinking of you" or something similar.

I think it would be okay to not respond at all if you didn't feel like it. You could also untag yourself if you didn't want to be associated with the status at all. Personally I don't like being tagged in anything because I don't want others to know my business if I don't announce it myself--so untagging doesn't necessarily have to be seen as you rejecting anything, it could just be a privacy issue.

Though I admit "I'm sorry for your loss" might sound a little odd from you to them, Sharnita's suggestion is good if you really feel the need to respond.

Thanks Sharnita.  I think that's a good response in this situation.  I appreciate it.

I agree with Sharnita.

And unless you feel uncomfortable being tagged in the post, I wouldn't untag.

I'm glad that will work.


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