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Whenever we visit MIL, she asks if we want to do laundry and seems surprised when we don't.  We normally arrive on Tuesday afternoon and leave on Friday morning.  We pack plenty of clothes and can easily do a load of wash in our own apartment when we get home.  we're also adults who don't engage in contact sports. 

Last time SIL and her DH visited us, she asked about doing a load of wash.  There was no problem with this.  But, since they pack much like we do and have the same appliances at home, it seemed a little odd.

They're certainly welcome to do laundry at our place but, lacking small children, it seemed a little odd for a two day stay.

I'm just curious about how common this sort of request is.

Outdoor Girl:
I'll do laundry if I'm staying with a friend for a week, especially if I've flown.  Knowing I have laundry facilities available, I'll pack a little less.  Or if we do something like camping where my clothes would get especially dirty.  Otherwise?  I pack everything I need.

As a hostess, I have no problem if my guests want to do laundry.  However, my washer doesn't allow for small loads so if they only have a few things, I'll ask if I can top up the load with my own stuff.  Or if I'm running a load, I'll ask guests if they want to throw anything in.

I think the same way as you do, Thipu. Really, if you're staying less than a week, you really shouldn't have to do laundry. Exception would be something like heavy duty sports (sweaty clothes) or swimsuits maybe. But even then, it's a maybe.

A friend of mine was visiting and stayed with a mutual friend. The three of us were hanging out together for a few days. Host friend was perturbed that guest friend wanted to do laundry. She'd arrived on Tuesday night and was leaving Sunday morning. So really, about four and a half days.

The issue was that she chose the exact tiime to do laundry that host's husband was going to do his. I mean, he was toting laundry to the washer when guest interrupted to do hers. So that obviously left a bad taste in everyone's mouth (except the guest!). But it got host friend and me to pondering, Really? She needed to do laundry after being there about three days? Come on.

So yeah, I'd have to say, it would annoy me a little. I bet if said person were on a vacation for the same amount of time, or even more, staying in a hotel, they would manage without doing laundry till they got home.

Like Outdoor Girl, I'll do laundry at my host's home if I'm going to be there a while and it'll make a big dent in the number of bags I have to bring. I ask while I'm packing if it's ok to do laundry while I'm there, and I ask if it's a good time to do it when I'm about to start a load. For a weekend, I can get all my stuff in one small bag and I don't bother.

When we went to visit a somewhat-relative for four days a couple of years ago, this came up. She is very fastidious about her house, everything in place, and she did their laundry every night. So she was surprised the first night when I told her we didn't need to do any (although she came in and took our towels, which was fine). The second night she asked again, I could tell it was bugging her, so I went ahead and washed what we'd worn so far, even though I'd borught enough for all four days. I think it really bugged her to think of having dirty clothes around the house.  ???


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