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Yeah, I don't think I've ever done my laundry when I've been a guest in someone's home. I would certainly hope it would be okay if there was a situation of some kind, like an unexpected mess or the airport losing my primary luggage or realizing, to my horror, that I only packed one pair of socks. But I wouldn't expect it as a matter of routine, unless I was staying longer than a week perhaps or planning to get quite dirty.

I guess if the host doesn't mind it's not a problem, of course, though to me it would be the less usual request, so if I was thinking about doing it, I would certainly ask the host in advance, like before I even did my packing.

For a 2-day stay--yeah, that's probably kind of unusual.  But for any stay over 4 days, I think it would be fairly common.  I'm big and my clothes take up a lot of room.  I don't want to pack a lot if I know I can do a quick load while staying at my sister's house (for example).

I think doing laundry while on a trip (especially staying at someone's house) is normal.  Heck, I even did laundry while I was in the hospital!

I wouldn't think it was odd at all.  This is your mil, your spouse's mother, correct?  And your spouse's sibling that visits?  I would thank the mother and decline but I wouldn't think it weird.  And again for the sibling that ask to use the laundry. Not strange.

I've met people who dislike packing dirty laundry if they don't have to. My mom was like this. If a family member was visiting for more than a day or 2, she'd always ask if they wanted to throw a load in their last day. I think it might have stemmed from when it was common for people to have limited amount of clothing options, so if you were traveling for a day, visiting for 3, and then traveling home for a day, you'd use up 5 days worth of clothing and may not have time to wash clothes (prior to cloths dryers) before running out of clean undies.

One of my sister's still does it. If she is visiting for a few days she'll wash their clothes the last night. Her deal is she likes to being able to unpack mostly clean clothes and just put them away.

I'm the opposit, I like to throw everything that was packed whether worn or not directly into the wash upon return.

shhh its me:
   I always pack more then I need and I feel that cloths in a suitcase with dirty cloths are dirty , so I'd love to be able to toss in a load or two of laundry before I go home just so I don't have to wash everything. Some people sweat more/have different BO so their dirty cloths smell bad especially stuck in a suitcase or car with them.

I don't think its a big deal unless it effects your plans.


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