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I take dd to a weekly class.  There is a small waiting room (10 x 10ish)  that is all tiled and 3 out of 4 walls floor to ceiling glass windows, in other words, an echoing nightmare. Most parents come and drop their kids off and quietly sit reading or on their phones.  Last week two new moms came and dropped off their oldest and stayed with their youngest. (3 kids between 4 and 6ish) and they were LOUD.  Running, giggling, happy shrieks etc.  I was about to leave and wait in my car when a mom next to me quietly ask them if they could please take their kids outside as it was a bit noisy.  About 5 other moms nodded their heads with a sympathetic look on their face.  The two new moms looked really angry and said to their kids, "Let's go outside.  These ladies think you are too loud.  Come on, let's go."  One new mom said loudly while glaring at us through the glass door as it closed shut, "People that hates kids shouldn't go to kid places!"


My oldest (tween) looked at me and giggled.  Which made all the other moms there chuckle/smile at the absurdity of her statement.  The moms outside could see us (remember those lovely ceiling to floor windows). 

I also saw them angrily talking to the instructor after class pointing at all of us.  The instructor called me today and left a message for me to call back so he could get "my" side of the story.

I will tell him exactly what happened but now I am thinking about it.  Were we rude?

ETA  There are no employees at this place other than the single instructor.  The waiting room is just us people waiting.

Not rude at all. Haven't these women ever heard of inside vs outside voices and inside vs outside playing?

No you weren't rude. I'll bring up the term "inside voices". I always used to tell my kids "this is not a playground" when we were indoors in this kind of situation.

In point of fact, that is exactly what playgrounds are for: "Running, giggling, happy shrieks etc." When kids are in an enclosed space, I don't think there's anything rude about asking them to sit quietly, or at least to use their "indoor voices".

I see no rudeness by you, but the giggling/smiling after the moms walked outside might have *looked* bad from their perspective. I'm not saying it was, just how it probably looked to them. 

I think you were fine. Next time, though, it might be better to approach an employee to ask the moms to quiet the little kids down instead of asking them directly.

No, you were not wrong. Not in the least. And if they thought you were all laughing at them, well, so be it. It's not like any of you were rude, nasty, or insulting. Someone politely asked them to go outside as they were making too much noise. it's their problem if they got insulted.

When you call back, I'd keep it short and sweet, no JADEing, and just state the facts.


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