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Today's entry on eHell about CapriSun being reserved for the kids reminded me of what happened a few years ago.  We went to a party hosted by friends of ours.  They provided a lot of food, and set them out buffet style.  There were steak, chicken, different types of salads, corn, etc.  On the same table, but more to the side, they set out some more kid-friendly food such as hot dogs, chicken fingers, and macaroni and cheese.  Their thinking was that by putting them to one side, it would make it easier for the parents and for the kids themselves to access, but they certainly weren't looking to limit the kids to just that food.  In fact there were kids there who ate the steak, chicken, salads, corn, etc.  There were certainly more of the "adult-type" food than the kids' food. 

One of the guests went and took a lot of food from the kids' side at the beginning of the meal for himself.  The hosts were taken aback at this, and they had to scramble to cook some more hot dogs.  They didn't have any more chicken fingers or macaroni or cheese.  Was he rude for doing this?  Or was it OK since it wasn't specified that it was just for the kids, and the kids were certainly eating from the "adult" side too? 

I also found out later that this guest was not invited.  Another guest brought him along without informing the hosts.  During the party he also didn't talk to anyone else other than the person who brought him.  So perhaps this also affected the hosts' perception of him. 


 The fact that he was not invited - well that's bad but a completely different issue.

 The food? Nope. I wouldn't buy any argument that 'kids can have everything but theres some stuff thats just for kids'. Now, if you wanted to host that kind of party, well, thats your call (general you) but it has to be made absolutely clear. The guy had no way of knowing that it was separate.
 I'm also opposed to the concept of having some food thats, 'adults only, no kids allowed'. Alcohol being the exception, I guess.

I don't think the rudeness was so much what he took as it was the amount he took. I'd think just as poorly if he had glutted himself on the "adult" food. I think there's an unspoken etiquette that with buffet serving you leave food for others and if you're still hungry you can go back for seconds.

And this guy wasn't even invited? What chutzpah!

It sounds like it wasn't made clear that one table of food was only for children?  So I can't see that the guest did anything wrong here.  How was he supposed to know?  If I saw two tables of food, without knowing one was reserved for only child guests, I'd help myself, too.

Now, if he took more than a reasonable adult meal portion, that's greedy, and that's where I'd see him as being rude.  He should have waited and gone back up for seconds once everyone had their portions.  But I'm not sure from the OP if he did that or not.

gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: StuffedGrapeLeaves on October 01, 2013, 12:49:57 PM ---...

I also found out later that this guest was not invited.  Another guest brought him along without informing the hosts.  ...

--- End quote ---

Other than the fact that he took "a lot" of food from the 'kid friendly' part of the table, no he wasn't rude.  Maybe if he'd taken less no one would even have noticed.  He may have even thought (erroneously) that he was being "polite" to take what he perceived to be the less expensive stuff.

But the person who brought him there without first clearing it with the hosts was definitely rude!  I wouldn't be surprised if he/she doesn't get invited to the next party thrown by these hosts!


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