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Do I owe her a new one?

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Not really etiquette, but more of a "What would you do?" question . . .

A friend of a friend (FOF) offered a papasan chair ( http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.allaboutwicker.com/images/papasan_round_chair_black.jpg%3FPapasan%2520Rattan%2520Chair&imgrefurl=http://www.allaboutwicker.com/aruba-round-rattan-ottoman-p-395.html&h=730&w=694&sz=79&tbnid=QCfcciztxZl0IM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=86&zoom=1&usg=__CCya10OOY5waKIdf-BOcVN0vLUk=&docid=NtXhcDagIvrC_M&sa=X&ei=MRNLUuTQIIaayQGAwYGAAg&ved=0CFYQ9QEwAQ) to DD#1 for her apartment.

The chair was left outside my front door and when I brought it in I thought I noticed a very slight cat smell.

I took a closer look and saw the cushion did have cat hair on it. Certainly not filthy, but not spit-polish clean either. I sprayed it with Febreze and figured that DD#1 could take care of the cleaning if she still wanted it.

I saw my Kitty sniffing around and examining the chair and thought she found herself a new bed for a nap. Kitty likes new things.

This morning I walked passed the chair and Whoa! The stench hit me. Sure enough, there were three small and one very large wet spots in various places on the cushion.

Kitty never does this. I'm almost thinking that she was marking her territory or something like that. :-\

I hosed the cushion down, applied a pet deodorizing carpet cleaner (which I've had for 6 years from when my dog was having problems . . . does this stuff go bad?) sprinkled it with baking soda and it's now sitting in the sun to dry.

I've never had success completely cleaning out cat urine odor, so I'm not putting much hope in what I'm doing.

So my questions:

Since the cushion was already slightly smelly and a bit dirty, but my cat severely compounded the issue . . . do I owe DD#1 a new cushion? The cheapest I could find on-line was $50ish.

Plus, FOF will be attending the party that I'm hosting this Saturday. I'm sure she'll be expecting a Thank You from DD#1. How should DD#1 and/or I handle this situation?

Add to the fact that I haven't told DD#1 about the situation yet. She's expected home on Friday and wants to drive the chair to her apartment Friday evening.

I really feel bad about this . . . What would you do?

I would start by telling DD what happened.  She may not care or she may ask for a replacement cushion which I think you should provide if the chair was usable when it first arrived at your place but isn't usable now.  Regardless, FoF should be thanked.

I don't have any advice as far as if you should replace the cushion, but I do have some advice as far as cleaning it. I think the best way to completely remove cat urine is to use an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle. There's several other brands out there, but Nature's Miracle is pretty popular and it can be purchase at pet stores such as Petco and Petsmart.

I agree 100% NyaChan.  FoF should be thanked, since whether or not the cushion was usable originally the chair was a nice gift by itself.  The cushion going from slight cat smell, probably cleanable to cat urine odor after cleaning, makes it pretty much a loss, so I think that you should offer DD a new cushion when you tell her what happened.

I think you should definitely tell DD what happened and offer to buy her a new cushion. It seems like the original cushion was okay upon arrival, good enough that you would have passed it on to DD. Then, while it was in your house, your pet did something to significantly worsen its condition. Generally speaking this is, I think, your fault. (Counter-example: you told DD to come get the chair as soon as it arrived, she refused, you warned her your cat might get it, and then the cat did. So, that might be construed as partly DD's fault as well.) If you can't get the cushion clean enough for her, I think you owe her a new one, as it went from fine to damaged while in your possession.

Regardless, the chair's previous owner should be thanked, and they don't actually need to know any of the unfortunate details, which have nothing to do with them. I mean, if you're friends and you think they'd find it funny or could tell you where to buy more cushions cheap, sure, but it's really a totally separate thing--they gave DD a perfectly usable chair and cushion set, it's not their fault it didn't reach her in that condition. :)


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