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Do I owe her a new one?

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Outdoor Girl:
I agree that FoF needs to thanked, regardless of what you and DD1 decide to do with the chair.

I do wonder if either a stray or FoF's cat (if she has one) had already marked the chair and that is why your cat did the same.

What were the arrangements for this chair?  Did DD1 agree to having it delivered to your house and then moving it from there?  Or was it entirely your suggestion?  Or FoF?  If DD1 agreed to the delivery arrangements, I think you should split the cost of a new cushion, if you can't get the smell out.  But if DD1 has a cat of her own, the cushion should be replaced.  Just because we can't smell it doesn't mean kitty can't.

Check to see if the cushion can be steam cleaned (removes pet hair and odors) or washed & dried in a commercial sized machine (Laundromat or dry cleaners)? 

I've use the enzyme cleaner on urine (small child fell asleep on new couch - deeply asleep) after steam cleaning the upholstery (couch - not a papasan chair, though) to get as much as possible OUT of the fabric and stuffing.  We owned a steam cleaner (sprayed hot water & cleaning solution on item - then sucked it up with a vacuum cleaner tank - it was also a wet/dry vacuum cleaner) because we had a baby and VorGuy was buying & selling used vehicles in search of the BEST vehicle for both of us.

Letting it dry in the sunshine should also help on the odors, too.

I second the Nature's Miracle. Soak it and let it dry, preferably in the sun, and your daughter won't be able to tell.

Kitty smelled evil other cat and decided to make sure the chair no longer smelled like evil other cat. :o (I've had cats since I was a teen).

I would be up front with DD and let her decide. The odor removing products are great, but honesty is important when bringing something into someone else's home.

I agree with others that FoF should be thanked without mention of the Kitty incident.

I'm with the others who say let DD know what happened and let her know you're willing to get a new cushion for her if she decides. You may be able to clean it well enough that she won't mind, but having the offer there is good.

Regardless, still thank FOF. Without her, you wouldn't have the dilemma in the first place, but even if you have to get a new cushion, the chair itself was a great gift. And she did provide it in good condition, it's not her fault you have a jealous kitty. :)


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