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US - Do teachers get paid in Summer holidays?

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I'd always assumed they did, but something in another thread (the child working thread) made me think they DON'T.

A related question would be - if not, why on EARTH is anyone a teacher? A job that requires many years of college with 3 months of unemployment built in? No thanks. I mean, I love my job, but my family needs to eat and pay the mortgage all year round.

I worked in a private school years ago. Teachers and staff there had the option to be paid from September to mid-June, or they could opt to have their salaries paid year round.  I opted for the lower amount year round for a guaranteed paycheck in the summer.

"it depends"

MOST places will allow you to split your salary over 9 months or over 12 months. 

(FWIW, my parents are both in education and they always went with *not* getting paid over the summer--because their former employer tended to screw up the tax/withholding if they did it over 12, and because they could 'subtract' what they were getting paid 'extra' at the beginning of the school year and invest it --so end up ahead in the total over a year.

My sister and I, who are also both in education, get paid over 12 months--sis because she doesn't want to deal w/ the budgeting nightmare and me because I don't have a choice [but would side w/ sis if I did} :)

Library Dragon:
While a contract is generally for 10 months teachers, librarians, etc., often have their pay broken down into payments that are issued through out the year.  In my case my contract often ran from 1 August to 30 May, with "pay checks" issued every two weeks during 12 months, so I was paid during the summer.

Very few school personnel actually have three months off.  That is an idea that has spread and is hard to dispel. 

If a teacher has the option to get paid over 9 or 12 months, they aren't getting paid a different amount! They're just getting paid a different amount per check.

My mother has generally elected to get paid every month, but some of her teacher friends have not had that choice before -- they had to get paid for the weeks worked.

And for what it's worth (nothing to her employer, in terms of OT or bonuses), she's probably in the office 10.5-11 months of the year in some capacity, plus loads of hours beyond the school day and some Saturdays (for both obligatory 'volunteering' at school events and just extra work).


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