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Author Topic: When the Big Boss is Delusional Regarding Your Skill Sets...  (Read 12512 times)

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Re: When the Big Boss is Delusional Regarding Your Skill Sets...
« Reply #45 on: October 04, 2013, 12:27:28 PM »
Greencat, I thought it might be opposite day and no one told me.

A coworker who watched the exchange said "Are you sure she understood?  She never looks that cheerful after being told no."

I do know that Stonecold seems to think I am like some super-Mom figure and has told others that I have a great sense of humor (we have to) and really know how to be a team player (!), so maybe that squeaks me thru.

I wanted to address Gollymolly and say "No offense taken!"  I understand what you are saying and I would completely agree about shaking things up if it was logical shaking, say adding hours and hiring people (correctly) to fill them.  Or using some new system of management.  But announcing that you want to toss rare books written by the city's most famous historical personage because "they're old and who cares about what some old white man thought?" or taking a person who is a people person and sticking them behind a computer all day are not logical decisions.

You are right, of course: the board LOVES what she does, not because they think it is a good idea but because it allows them to have more and more and more power.  They are currently trying to separate us from the crummy union we have because they believe we are overpaid and they don't want to pay our salaries any longer.  They get to take out price-y equipment paid for by taxpayer funds and keep it indefinitely.  They refuse to fix the filthy public bathrooms because the "cost is prohibitive" but spend three times as much to send Stonecold (and themselves) on "fact finding" junkets.  (And we know how much they spent because the person who had to write the checks was not shy about telling people.)

Sadly, they are not appointed by the mayor, either.  When the library was first created, the board created themselves and they are self perpetuating....when one decides to retire, they just invite some like minded individual to become one of them.

So, taxpayer funded, accountable to no one... any local news station looking for something to do?
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Re: When the Big Boss is Delusional Regarding Your Skill Sets...
« Reply #46 on: October 04, 2013, 12:29:59 PM »

I've said it before, I will say it again:  this place is two melted clocks and one cattle skull short of a Dali painting.

I have got to cross stitch this on a pillow or something!  I can't stop laughing! :D

That reminds me of a sign that used to hang in the library staff room. 

'the only difference between this place and the Titanic is that they had a band'.

Seriously, Yarnspinner's ongoing saga of Stonecold may seem OTT but I believe every word of it.  I've worked with a boss who was a mini-version of Stonecold.  Every decision seemed to be made via dart board or dreams.  Major procedures would change between lunch and closing time.  Woe betide anyone who didn't jump on the bandwagon in time. 

With a boss like Stonecold there's very little you can do. Going to the union may only make things worse.  The Library Board may well be aware that time, talent and most important, money, is being wasted but they lauded Stonecold as an 'Agent of change'.  It all sounded innovative and positive on paper but, not knowing much about how libraries work or the population to be served, the Board got itself in so deep that there's no way out without major embarrassment all around. 

The idea of the hand-made puppet library is so insane that even this Library Board must realize that Stonecold is delusional, if they have the facts. 

Getting them the facts means that the entire staff must work together.  Even then, success is iffy but it's worth a try.