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Author Topic: visiting NYC - staying "outside" of manhattan - thoughts? suggestions? bad idea?  (Read 8328 times)

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Hope you enjoyed you visit to NYC.

If you can, please let us know what activities you enjoyed.


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I didnt' have a lot of time, but here is what i did - first, i love love love just walking. i can walk for hours, brisk walking, spotting something interesting (store, park) going in, browsing, and back to walking, ocassionally fortifying myself with coffee/bagel etc.

so - i walked through central park. that was my first day. i had been there before, but in specific spots. never walked through the park. it is amazing! so much to see, i didn't even get to see everything. i must have spent 3-4 hours just walking.

The MET - one of my favorite places.

China town/little italy. just to walk around and enjoy myself (i know, i know, it's totally cheesy/touristy but i enjoy it). what i SHOULD have done at that point was sit down at one of the many cute little italian places, but i really wanted to try Katz's Deli (been wanting to go there for years) so i trudged over there. biggest disappointment. totally dis-recommend. Over priced, over crowded, extremely messy ordering "system", and the food is ... bleh. maybe because i grew up on authentic versions of that food, but i found it bad. I got a half sandwich and bowl of soup, ate a few slices of the meat off the sandwich, about half of the soup and threw the rest away. total waste (i know - people either love the place or hate it).

Union square

Times Square

Bryant park - love that place. there is a japanese store right across the street that i went there for my DS who is in love with everything japanese.

I think that was about it. I did some shopping and spent time with family.

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