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I graduated from a particular high school in a certain large town in West Texas, USA.  The name relates to a nearby geographical feature.

I signed up to get my name in there and the local university in the same town, too.

The high school has a rather generic name - not quite as common as mud - but there seem to be high schools with the exact same name.  Think Hill High School (although that is NOT it) - it's about that common, though.

There are at least a dozen Hill High Schools that I am getting contacts from through both and Facebook.  But I have never lived in South Carolina, Illinois, California, or any of the other states that apparently had someone with the same first name and a last name that is "close enough" that they are assuming that my listed (married) surname is my (also listed - but as my middle name) is my maiden surname.  Maiden surname is NOT common - married surname is.

Rather than foam at the mouth and yell in frustration at these people who think that I look a lot like their old classmate Liz, Lisa, Lizzie, Beth, Betty, Eliza, Elizabeth Surname from their days back in good old Hill High School - I want to get in touch with about the shortcomings of their programming, such that all these people who never lived in West Texas are contacting me about having gone to school with them a thousand (more or less) miles away.  So far replying that I am not the alumni they are looking for and then "ignoring" them seems to work.  It might not be the most polite thing - but it's not rude to tell strangers that "I don't KNOW you". 

I can't seem to find a "contact us" area on that doesn't involve PAYING them for a membership first.  I don't want to do that. There are genuinely about a dozen people that I wouldn't mind getting back in touch with.  The rest of them - well - I can ignore them if they get me mixed up with someone else or pass along their contact information to one of my three siblings that they are trying to get in touch with because my maiden surname probably only had the FOUR of us using it at that high school for years & years.  If anyone else with that last name ever moved to small town, I never heard about it from Dad's family...

Why wouldn't you just ignore contacts from people you don't know?  I don't think this requires a reply of any kind--just delete.

Any help finding a way to contact the website?

Maybe you have to actually join to have complete information listed (so no one contacts you) and to get the contact info for the administration. 

Try finding the site on facebook and ask there.

This isn't really etiquette related and should have been asked in the Off Topic folder.


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