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Another food thief thread

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We had a similar situation at my work where they knew who was taking food.

The manager posted a notice on the fridge saying that "If you eat food you didn't bring you are a thief. (This company) does not employ people willing to steal. Steal food, lose your job. Got it?"

The food thief stopped immediately. Sometimes you need to be blatant with the consequences.

Given that it's a senior person you suspect, if going to management and posting notices doesn't stop it, I  suspect that the most useful  thing would be for everyone to remove their items from the fridge and offices, and bring in only what they plan to eat each day.


I keep my lunch in my desk drawer.  Is this a solution?  A lot of desks have lots as well.

Too bad those exploding dye packs used for stolen bank money can't be used for food thieves.Mgmt could also post notices about possible video surveillence.  I don't think people should stop using the refrigerator.  Other traps can be set.

Go to the senior person and say "We have been having food that we had brought in for meals being stolen from the common refrigerator.  We don't make enough to be able to replace meals that are taken.  Unfortunately people do not understand that if they didn't bring the food in themselves they should not eat it.  So we think either a web cam should be installed or we should get individual fridges for our offices/cubicles or management should order food in or keep the fridge stocked. Which would you think would be the best solution?"


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