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Father posting wedding registry information on facebook

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Hi -- this is my first time posting anything; so please be gentle ... I'm not sure if I am just being an old "cranky-pants" or if this situation is "odd".   

Background:  My family and I attend a small church (100+- regular members).  The minister recently posted on his personal Facebook page and the church Facebook page:   "Some have asked about Barbara and Bob wedding registry. Here is a link to their wedding website and it has registry links".  Barbara is his daughter and Bob the fiancée.  I found the posting(s) "odd" for a number of reasons.  A father posting where his daughter is registered for wedding gifts?  (mother of the bride is alive and well, married to the father, also on Facebook)   A father posting it on his own Facebook page and the church Facebook page? (seems odd for a minister to use Facebook for personal wedding information about his daughter).   Wedding invitations have not been sent out, nor have any "save the date" type announcements been made.

Thoughts?   Am I just an old-fashioned cranky-pants or is it okay for a father to post daughter's wedding registry information on Facebook?  And is it okay for a minister to post this same information on the church Facebook?

I wouldn't do it on the church site but have no idea why being the father instead of the mother would make a difference on personal fb.

I can also see where the question might arise with a shower before invites went out. StD are yhings some people never send out.

I don't know that I'd say you are crankypants but your views come off as a bit sexist.

I am not sure I understood your point - is the problem that the parents of the bride are posting registry information or that the father (instead of the mother) is posting the information?

gramma dishes:
Given that some people are kind of "afraid" of the pastors of their church, I think in this particular case maybe it actually does make a difference.  I think some people will feel pressured to purchase a gift off the registry, even if they're not even specifically  invited to the upcoming wedding!

I think it was in poor taste. 

I think it totally depends on the individual circumstance.

If a number of congregation members had been asking I do't think its that bad to post the info on the church page.  Also the way it was worded doesn't sound like it carried expectation.


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