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I posted some kids toy on a selling site and someone said they'd take it.  I emailed back and offered an accessory free and she said she'd take that as well.  I then asked her if she could pick these things up and she didn't reply (this is in the span of about 1 hour).  Then a couple of hours later I found something else that was semi related (a ramp for the Hot Wheels) and said I was also intending on posting this to the site but if she was interested, I'd give it to her for 5 bucks too.   She replied back an hour later and said she'd take it.  Then we had a couple of brief messages back and forth about how our kids love cars.  No mention at all about picking up the 3 pieces she wants.  This was Sunday and it is now Tuesday. 

I'm of the mindset, that  if you want it, you come and get it.  I told her I'm very flexible and home most days (SAHM) when I wrote the email asking about pick up.  This is a smaller local selling group so I don't want to alienate people.

I am wondering how to politely write her back and say, You want it or don't you?  As well as giving a deadline because I don't want to hold this stuff forever because there were others interested.   Please keep in mind that this Monday Oct 13 is the Canadian Thanksgiving so I'm leery about a weekend deadline. 

Message her again and let her know you'd like to schedule a pickup. Tell her you'll be unavailable this weekend (which can be true, if you don't want to draw it out that long) and if she's not able to get it this week, you're going to list it on the website again so someone else can have a chance at it.

Of course, this only works if she hasn't tendered payment yet and was going to pay when she picked them up.

When I list something on Craigslist it's first come first served. If there are others interested, see when they want to come. I always reply to everyone who emails me and ask them to set a time (according to when I'm available) as to when they can come. I email them in the order they replied, but if someone doesn't set a time (or doesn't show up to their set time) I consider them to be at the bottom of the list.

My goal is to get rid of the item. I don't care who it goes to. So really, first person to come and get it wins. Quit waiting for her to set a time and contact the next person on the list.

I belong to a FB group where people buy and sell stuff.  Some people do post about no shows but do not publicly shame the person.  I would say in a group like this no matter if you plan to be somewhere to sell or buy something, be there on time and leave a private message with the person if something happens like car breakdown, etc as most people have smart phones with internet access on them.  The group I am in will ban people if they have x amount of no shows for both buyers and sellers.

Send her a message - "Susie, I'm trying to plan my schedule for the week. When do you plan to stop by to pick up?  I have a few other people who are interested in these items."


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