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Well, I emailed her and gave her times until the end of the weekend I'd be free.  She said she'd come down wed night.  No show.  I was peeved, but busy with Thanksgiving plans and didn't bother to get going on the next person.  So she happened to message me on Friday asking to call her to help her with directions as she wanted to pick them up that morning.  I did and the first thing she did was say, "oh yeah, I forgot already!"  But she did come and they are gone. 

Now I've had a couple of more people leave messages to purchase other things and I am the one that seems to be doing all of the reaching out to organize and chase people down.  "when can you come?, what time is that" etc.  I guess it is par for the course.  If I want to sell the stuff, I guess it is a bit of work.

Since it is a FB  group, you can see who was first  in line to purchase something so I can't just skip over this woman and there are pretty strict "guidelines" to keep it a fair place.  I guess next time I'll have to say,  can you pick it up by X day if not, I will re list it or something a bit nicer.


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