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I was thinking about our upcoming cruise, and that sea travel is my favorite method.

What is your favorite mode of travel? Why?

I'm sorry but I couldn't resist picking the transporter.  :P

In reality probably air mainly as Mam was afraid of flying so the first time I was on a airplane was when I was 16. It's like an amusement ride at the beginning and then an excuse to read for hours. Whats not to like.  ;D

I'm a white-knuckle flier (though I try to hide it from the kids) so I much prefer to take the overnight ferry from Europe to the UK when we go home.

I'd love to be able to transport, don't get me wrong. I've never tried sea travel before, but I'd like to at some point. Maybe not a Transatlantic crossing, but a cruise would be nice, in the right place.

Honestly, I'm torn between air and land. Flying gets you there so much faster, but you can pack more and enjoy the experience of the drive itself in a car. Before high school I only took one vacation by plane, the rest was by car, and we'd always stop in quirky towns and greasy spoon diners on the way. I loved it. But when I started seeing someone in Canada, it was much easier to fly up there. Costs were about the same, and if I flew I could spend more time with her rather than in transit, so if the prices on flights were right, I could take a long vacation from work and spend it there. Flying, of course, doesn't really work when you have no ground-based transportation at your destination. If you're going to Toronto or New York City or somewhere else with a great transit system, great. But if you were to fly into Kansas City and expect to get around without a car, sorry, not happening. And a rental car is just another expense tacked on in addition to all the flight expenses.

I'm planning a vacaton next year to Yellowstone. I'm going to drive. Not sure if I'm going to rent a car or not, but there's no feasible way to fly out there with all the camping gear, clothes, and necessities for a week. And since I already have that stuff, it's going to be easier to fly it out rather than buy it there.

I like air and land.  I haven't had much chance to travel by sea. The main thing is that I like to travel, though money doesn't really allow it right now.


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