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I was co-MOH at a very dear friend's wedding this weekend. At the reception, one of the groomsman had been hovering around me and the other MOH. He wasn't too bad of a conversationalist but he had a rather less than subtle sense of humor.

As the the other MOH and I were discussing our co-MOH toast, he pokes in and says, "I shouldn't say this... I'm going to say it anyways! Who came here to listen to women?" He grins smarmily at the two of us.

The other MOH laughs that brittle surprised laughter of "Did you actually SAY that?!" After I regained some semblance of composure (possibly entailed reeling my eyeballs back into their sockets), I gave him a flatly unamused look, including tightening my lips, and turned my back pointedly to him before addressing my co-MOH on another topic.

Thankfully, he didn't bother either of us again for the rest of the evening.


Eeeeuw. He sounds ... charming  ::)

Wow. I certainly wouldn't have been able to keep my mouth shut for that. That is not someone I'd like to encounter on even a semi-regular basis.

I don't even get what he was going for.  It's not like there's some kind of cliche about women and speeches or that weddings are a mens' thing or a vague connection that he might have been attempting to make ironically.  It's like going up to someone and saying, "I shouldn't say this but-- you're ugly!"

I'm not sure I would have used silence, I think I would have said bluntly, "I don't get it."

Ugh. The only thing I can think of is that he can't hold his liquor well, and meant to put the emphasis on "listen" but got mixed up...which is still highly offensive...but at least makes a little sense, maybe?


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