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Is there a city similar to Austin, TX in the UK?

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By similar, I mean hometown feel with big city amenities. Lots of music venues, good local restaurants, many parks and greenbelts, and friendly people.

Having lived of late in Austin, I'm wondering why you're asking!

I think of it as a place where the sprawl is incredible, everything is brand new or close to it, a lot of the life is built around a university (and thus very young and hip), and the growth is suffocating. On top of everything you mentioned, of course.

I guess I doubt there's a place "like" it in the UK because it's so young, and growing so quickly. It'd be hard to have a similar place in a more 'settled' country.

Why so negative???  ???  OP asked if there were cities with amenities that can be found in many places.  It sounds like the OP is looking for a place that gives them the same feeling as Austin (hence the amenities) I don't think she was looking for a re-incarnated version of Austin in another country.

I've been to London and Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Inverness in the UK, but surely they can't be the only cities that have music venues, good restaurants, parks, and friendly people?    I think Manchester is a great place to live.  I really liked the people there and there was a ton of stuff to do

Oh, I'm sorry if I came across as negative. I am just wondering whether those are the only aspects the OP is looking for.

A city can be a lot of things to different people,  that's all. Which details you're looking for and why you're looking for them will certainly shape replies.

I've never been to the US and I'm sure it's very different in terms of architecture and geograhpy, but for the characteristics the OP describes the first place that springs to mind is Bristol. It's a wonderful city. It's not overly big so it doesn't have the impersonality of somewhere like London, but the amenities are great and because it's in the South West the people are legendarily friendly. There are two universities so it's young and vibrant but also historic, and the music scene is great. Lots of local bands and live venues. And I can heartily recommend Don Giovanni's Italian restaurant near to Temple Meads Station :)


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