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Is there a city similar to Austin, TX in the UK?

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--- Quote from: cabbageweevil on October 15, 2013, 02:51:37 PM ---One of the various good things about Bristol is that just 20 / 25 miles to the west of it, on the other side of the wide estuary of the River Severn, you're in Wales -- neighbour country of England, part of the United Kingdom but very much its own place, with its own culture (and its own language, though same is more spoken further north in Wales). The estuary is crossed by a couple of road bridges, or by a tunnel if you should choose to travel by train.

--- End quote ---

Also, while the Bristol Mud Flats aren't the most picturesque, the view from the wall at Severn Beach ('Beach' being a bit of a misnomer here, of course) of the two bridges is absolutely lovely.

I was going to say Bath, as it is smaller so has the 'community' feel, but big enough that you have los going on 2 theatres, with many big name productions coming o the Theatre Royal before the West End, and ballet and opera as well as straight theatre  the university, lots of live music and arts, beautiful setting. - and of course lots of good transport links if you want to get to London or Bristol etc.

I also think you can get the small community/big city feel in lots of places as you often get close communities in smaller areas within the city - Camden in London springs to mind, and Didsbury in Manchester.

And I'd say Manchester fits a lot of the criteria - big city, huge amount going on, very friendly.


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