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The etiquette standards of working from home

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In my office, we have the opportunity to work from home. The scope of my position doesn't allow me to use it often, but when I do work from home on major projects that require my undivided attention, I ensure that I wake up at the same time, get dressed and apply the same work ethic as I would if I were in the office. I return calls promptly - I have a pop up in my email when someone leaves a voice-mail - and respond to emails in a timely manner. If I have questions about an email, I call instead of emailing. If I were at the office, I would have walked over and asked for clarification.

I have heard of more than one email that was completely misconstrued and the end result would not have happened if the person had been in the office and been speaking face-to-face, or had at least picked up the phone and called instead of sending off an email that was completely taken the wrong way and didn't respond for HOURS after when questioned about the request. Emails take on a completely different tone than human interaction.

There are others who abuse the privilege quite a bit and this causes resentment. Some of them you just KNOW that they've swanned off for a mani/pedi (boasting about it on FB), or going shopping for hours. Yes - I take my lunch break and may leave the house, but I'm back within the hour.

Some people have set days and refuse to move the day if an internal meeting comes up. For pete's sake - if you have a meeting scheduled, arrange to work from home another day, don't make the other 5 people available that day reschedule. Majority rules!

We have only had the WFH for the last 2 years and apparently management will be cracking down soon due to the problems that have arisen. One bad apple, etc.


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