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Used This While Grocery Shopping

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I grocery shop once every two weeks (so, twice per month).  As I was pushing my cart out to my car a woman (whom I didn't know) peeked into my cart and said "That's a lot of food".  I kind of blinked at her and said "Yes, it is.".

Her next response was "I HATE seeing people waste food.  You really shouldn't buy so much when you're going to throw away most of it."

"That's an interesting assumption."  I said flatly.  She took a step backward and then walked away shaking her head.  Thank you, ehell!

Layla Miller:
Wha...what?  :o

Why the heck would she assume you aren't going to use most of the food you're buying?  That doesn't even make sense!  I'm honestly trying to understand why anyone would purposely and knowingly buy too much food just to throw it away--thus wasting not only food, but money.  Short of some kind of compulsive grocery shopping disorder, I'm coming up blank.

Well done on using the phrase, though! 

Well played, madam.

So she already knew you and your family weren't going to consume the food you bought? Next time ask if she knows the winning lotto numbers since she's clearly phsyic!

I always see peole with super full carts and think I'm doing something wrong, we shop weekly so it never looks like very much food.

Good for you, OP.

Not her business what you have in your cart.

sheesh........ ::)


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