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Used This While Grocery Shopping

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Applause, applause, applause.

Maybe next time she'll keep her nose in her own basket.

Heh, until I got a car recently (within the last 2 weeks) I had to rent a car for a couple of days and grocery shop for 2 months at one time. I think I must give "leave me alone" vibes because the only comment I ever got was something like "You must have a big family to feed!" (Which I don't.. it's just me at the moment, but buying 2 month's worth of supplies in one trip sure looks like a lot.)

I suppose my point is just to say good for you. Great response. People really do have a tendency to jump to conclusions.

Yeah, shopping only twice per month to feed three adults and a beagle with an appetite the size of an elephant usually puts a lot of food in my cart.  I think I attract the crazies.

If it's any consolation, you aren't the only one who's run into crazy people in the grocary store.  ;D

I wish I'd known this a few years ago.

I had a badly broken wrist which resulted in RSD (a complication effecting nervous system). My arm and hand looked REALLY strange, was extremely painful, was immobile, and I was scared sick that it was going to be left totally crippled. A difficult and upsetting time.

I popped into supermarket to buy sandwich for lunch (I was at work that day for a few hours). The cashier looked at my odd arm/hand and said 'Is that a false arm?'. Yes, it did kinda look that way to be honest, but why ask? I shot out a scowl and an abrupt 'no'. To which she reared back in horror, and shrieked 'ugh! What's wrong with it then?' Cue me just about making it back to office and dissolving in tears.

What an interesting assumption would have been a better answer to her first question as it might have shut her down. And yes, I do now wish I'd gone back and complained about her, but at the time I just wanted to forget all about it.


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