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Author Topic: Used This While Grocery Shopping  (Read 15209 times)

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Re: Used This While Grocery Shopping
« Reply #15 on: November 27, 2013, 10:18:03 AM »
I used WAIA last year in the supermarket, right around this time.

You see, I'm overweight. And I had a shopping cart full of snack cakes--Little Debbies, Tastykakes, Entemenn's, Drakes--and snack food like cans of Pringles and the like.

A guy stopped me and commented that I really shouldn't be eating that type of food and that I needed to loose weight.

Well, yeah, gee, I know that.

However, all the food in my cart was for a care package for my brother in Afghanistan. That's what he wanted for Christmas.

I replied, "What an interesting assumption!" and watched as his expression grew very puzzled. It clearly wasn't the reaction he was expecting. Then I went on my merry way.

The nerve of some people.

Even if you intended to go home and eat all of those goodies yourself it's still none of his business.  >:(  What is it with some people that they think their opinion is wanted by complete strangers? So what if someone has unhealthy eating habits...unless that person is stealing food off your own plate, you have no business monitoring other adults (particularly strangers!).

I know it wouldn't be polite, but I would love for someone to answer one of these supermarket saints with, "*sigh" you're right. I guess I should put these goodies back. Oh, and please go get some hair plugs. Your baldness offends me." "Please go have a face lift. Your skin is so saggy!" "Gosh, you really smell bad. Quit smoking right now."

While that would be wrong, I have to wonder if it would get through that their unsolicited commentary is no more welcome or polite than any of those type responses would be.

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Re: Used This While Grocery Shopping
« Reply #16 on: November 27, 2013, 11:55:32 AM »
What I always want to say when I get those comments is to give a big smile and say, 'I can lose weight; you'll always be an [hind end of a donkey].'  But I bite my tongue and ignore them.

I was walking at a street festival with a friend one night.  We stopped at a food stand to get something and were eating as we walked back to the car.  Some bacon-fed knave, as he passed us, said something along the lines of fat people shouldn't eat ice cream.  I ignored him but I wanted to yell after him, 'Hey, jack[redacted]!  You need to get your eyes checked if you can't tell the difference between an ice cream cone and a dill pickle!'  I'd bought a large dill pickle from the food stand.
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Re: Used This While Grocery Shopping
« Reply #17 on: November 28, 2013, 07:29:03 PM »
I wish I'd known this a few years ago.

I had a badly broken wrist which resulted in RSD (a complication effecting nervous system). My arm and hand looked REALLY strange, was extremely painful, was immobile, and I was scared sick that it was going to be left totally crippled. A difficult and upsetting time.

How is your RSD now?  My BIL has it very bad.