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Acquaintance wants me to sew an intricate costume for her?

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--- Quote from: Runningstar on October 15, 2013, 12:03:14 PM ---Thanks for the replies!!  She not only asked several times, then had her daughter ask another few times.  We had all driven to the event together, and she knew
that I needed to be home (we were hours away) by 6 pm.  So, at 5:30 she finally gave up on getting me to sew the costume and bought a shirt for $25 that she then said loudly that she would have to try to find someone to modify and glitz up for her.  I ignored it, and ignored the anger during the 3 hour ride home.
It seemed to me that she deliberately made sure that I'd be late getting home, but had the excuse that the show her daughter will be in is next week and so she had no choice.  She drove, I paid for the hotel, and figured that the cost was about even - but she had the control to decide when to leave even though we had previously agreed on no later than 3 pm.

I have been reading e-hell for a while now and so just remained silent, but it is hard for me!  I want to jade!  I want to give my excuses!!
After reading the responses, I think I'll just remain silent, and avoid future situations where I'll be at her mercy again.

--- End quote ---

I think you should go on the offensive. "Jane, you're acting very angrily right now. That's not fair to me. I thought you were a better person that that, I'm disappointed that you'd treat me so badly."

Don't say "treat me so badly just because I can't make a costume for you..." bcs that opens the door to the wrong argument.

The point is that the "make me a costume" is off the table. And -now- you are talking to her about how she is treating you.

YOU get mad at HER! Lord knows you deserve to.

Though I do like Kaypeep's advice as well.


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