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Thanks for sharing that 2 year old news item!

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One of my Facebook friends recently shared a news link about a local politician making rather inflammatory remarks ago my profession.  I remember him making the comment some time ago.  I clicked on the link and the date was from 2011.

Oddly enough, 2 unrelated friends have also posted the link, so this resurrection seems to be making the rounds in Facebookland. 

Would you say anything or ignore?

I'd probably ignore it. But you could also comment "yeah I remember when he said that..." or "did he do something again recently that is making this story pop up again?"

There was one of these that went viral last year--it was a story about a famous actor doing a commendable thing, and accused the news media of having a particular bias because they hadn't covered it. Well, it turns out that the commendable thing was true, but had happened in 1991!  :o

My friends are such that when one of us ends up making a post recycling old news, the rest of us will mock them for having missed that year/time traveling/living under a rock/etc.

Remember when the "big moon this week" stories came around again? The astronomy people were like.......Yeah, great that y'all are interested, but that was for LAST year, guys...

I usually privately correct people who send out wrong/inflammatory information. I don't know if they are still forwarding garbage to the rest of their list, but they stopped sending ME crazy stuff, and I'd rather just think better of them for it.


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