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What is the best way to communicate with these 2 managers?

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No, HE needs to tell the guy to pick it up. You can only advise him that it is waiting for him. You can't tell him to do his job.


--- Quote from: jedikaiti on October 21, 2013, 06:01:16 PM ---No, HE needs to tell the guy to pick it up. You can only advise him that it is waiting for him. You can't tell him to do his job.

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Yep. And the next time *you* notice that the guy hasn't come to pick up the trash, you get ahold of whoever is over your head and say, "Would you goose this guy to come pick up the trash? I told him, but he hasn't been by."

If you want to be extra nice, you give the Trash Not-Picker-Upper guy two calls (the first, and one reminder).

The porter manager over me is driving me crazy.

I found out this week from the other porter manager that the 2 parking garages I clean will be inspected this week.

So I followed what the garage manager told me regarding my job duties. He wants me to first clean the parking lot next to one of the parking garages I have to clean *another responsibility*, then sweep both parking garages, and then do anything else that is on the maintenance list I have to follow or any projects that the porter manager has me do.

I was at one of the parking garages that I am responsible for cleaning and sweeping when the garage manager saw me. He got a phone call from the porter manager and told me that he may give me a call. I was sweeping that garage when all of this happened. I received a call from the porter manager with a list of things that he wanted me to do at the other garage.

I was not finished cleaning the garage though. I went over to the other garage where he was waiting for me. He showed me what needed to be done....

sweep the leaves at the entrance gate where there is a water problem. Water collects in that area from inside the garage.  The water will not dry up.
mop the *small* area of dirt on the curb in front of the bldg. that is attached to the garage
sweep up leaves in the stairwell *I was going to do that after cleaning the parking garage since I would rather do that after the sun comes up. When I get to work, it is dark outside*
mop up the coffee stains on the ground at the entrance of the bldg.

I did what I could do, but I had to get back to the other parking garage and continue sweeping. The porter manager called me to ask why I had not finished. I let him know exactly what I was doing. He told me that I had to go back and finish what I was doing for him. So I did that, and then I went back to the other parking garage to continue sweeping.

When I was done at the garage, I had to go to the bathroom inside the bldg. That was when I got a phone call from the porter manager demanding to know where I was. I told him where I was. He told me the following...

    I had not done what he asked me to do
    He was coming over to that garage so he could show me what I did not do

Around 2 minutes later he called me again demanding to know where I was. He told me he was at the garage, but I was not there. I told him I was on the 2nd floor inside the main bldg. He then demanded to know why I was on the 2nd floor inside the main bldg. I was very frustrated at that point, and I wanted to scream at him. I told him I was in the bathroom *I did not know what else to say at that point*. He then demanded to know why I was in the bathroom *his tone of voice was like he was scolding me for being in the bathroom*. That was when I asked him if it was ok that if I went to the bathroom when I had to. He just told me to meet him at the other parking garage... again.

So I went over there. The 2 of us got into the golf cart that he drives, and he took me around the parking lot. The first thing he did was to go to the stairwell and say "you did not clean the stairwell like I asked you to." I told him that the stairwell was the first thing I did. I asked me what made him think that I had not done what he asked me to.

This is what he had to say...

He had received pictures from the garage manager of things that were not clean. The problem with this is... none of what he wanted me to do is on the maintenance list, and he never told me about what he wanted me to do when he saw me at the other parking garage. I let the porter manager know this. Turns out that manager is driving the porter manager crazy.

I found out from some of my co-workers that he turned in a paid vacation request earlier this week. He wanted this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. But... his vacation request was denied.

How do I deal with him? I deal with him on weekly basis.
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--- Quote from: snugglegirl05 on October 21, 2013, 05:07:03 PM ---Update:

I have spoken to the manager over the parking garage, who also works for my employer, and he let me know how he would like me to do things. He told me that anything that the porter manager asks me to do comes after what he wants me to do on a daily basis.

--- End quote ---

That bolded line--that's what you tell the porter manager. "You need to speak to my boss about that. I'm following his orders, which are to do his assigned tasks first, then yours. Until he tells me otherwise, that's what I'm supposed to do."

The issue right now is that you aren't do this. You are letting the porter manager order you around before you finish the other manager's tasks. You need to keep referring him to your manager whenever he makes demands or adds tasks to your list.

Or you can call your manager. "Hey, Boss, Porter Manager is standing here with me. He wants me to stop my 3 pm count and clean the stairwell. Is that okay or should I finish the count first and then do the stairwell?"

No one can really function with two managers unless there is a clear line of command, with priorities clearly marked out. If your manager hasn't done this for you, make him do so by calling and asking him a lot of questions.

Also, talk to the other porters and find out how they deal with conflicting requests from their two managers.

As for the trash pick-up, tell the porter manager responsible for that when the trash is ready for pick-up. And maybe one follow-up call. Then tell the other porter manager that he isn't doing his job, you've reminded him and he still isn't doing his job and it's time for someone higher up to step in.

And seriously, this can't be the only job available in your area. Start job hunting now. From the other posts you've made about this place, there's no good management and you porters are given way to much to do and way too many customer service issues to deal with. The best time to get a new job is while you still have your old job.


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