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when do you leave?

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--- Quote from: wyliefool on October 25, 2013, 02:51:40 PM ---The worst part is that it used to be halfway decent. Then it was sold, again, and the costcutting/firings/mad management began. And I have 4 weeks vacation, which US residents know will take me at least 10 years to achieve again somewhere else, and more likely 15-20. IOW, 'never.'  :'(

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That is me right now - my ten years in just make me feel like my head is on the chopping block with new owners. I used to love my job. Now Iíve stopped wearing mascara to work because Iím probably just going to cry it off at some point. I am definitely looking, but without a lot of hope.

When your body really starts to shut down because it knows that it's time, but your brain hasn't gotten the message.

It started out with me not feeling good most of the time, over the course of about 6 months.  Then, I got bronchitis, which morphed into my losing my voice COMPLETELY for 2 weeks, which then turned into pneumonia.  Add in crying every night, plus throw in some major tummy upsets, and finally BINGO!  I realized that it was far more important to get out, even though I didn't have another job. 

When you realize you are wlrking for a sociopath.  I don't say it to be funny or mean, I say it seriously.  The last boss was the most frightening woman I've ever met.


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