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when do you leave?

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When you have a panic attack just thinking about going to work.

When your work-related stress starts affecting your physical health.

You're consistently unhappy, stressed, depressed and angry at work.

When your unhappiness and stress with your job starts affecting your personal life.

When you're asking when you should leave it's time to start looking for another role.   At the point when you know you have to go, it's great to have another job lined up.

Outdoor Girl:
I was very stressed in my old job.  Loved the work, loved the people I worked with, couldn't stand my supervisor.  Micromanager to the extreme and took credit for work I'd done.

I made the decision I was leaving.  I started looking for another job immediately, applying for all sorts of things all over the province.  I was *this close* to quitting and working a retail job of some sort - I had some cake decorating skills to fall back on.  Not good enough for a bakery, probably, but certainly good enough for a grocery store bakery.

But I held on and won a job in a different area at the same employer.  And less than a year later, left for the job I currently have.  And will be staying until I retire in 11 years.

So my advice is:  if you can manage, stay where you are while you look for something else.  Start saving as much as you can.  If things get really bad, leave and use your savings or find a stop gap while you keep job searching.

I agree that you leave when you can afford it (new job already or lots of $$$ in the bank) but I think the key to the OP's question is, "When do you know that it is time to start looking for that new position?"

For me, it was when I realized that the job I had (as wonderful as it was) wasn't advancing my career, didn't have a way to move up and was kind of boring me.  I was spending WAY too much time playing Free Cell at work. 

My mother left a job that she had had for years because her new supervisor was a complete and total b&tch.  Time to start looking for a new job at that point!

I knew it was time to leave my first job after college when I started dreaming about work for eight hours a night and waking up exhausted knowing that I would have to face another eight hours of actual work.


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