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Thanks for the "bonus," but no thanks

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I just worked a killer schedule in the middle of an unholy mess. And pulled the rabbit out of the hat.

The bosses here want to make sure I know they appreciate me, so they gave me a gift card.
For $100. Which seems generous.

Until you realize it's to Bergdorf Goofman.

I went online and realized, there are about 25 things in the entire store (if you count the multiple colors of T-shirts as single items) that I could buy without having to add (quite a bit of) my own money.

I can just imagine me walking through the store, asking salespeople, "What do you have that's about $100?" That's completely not going to deliver the "My bosses are indulging me!" mood they wanted.

I can't really ask to swap it, can I?

I'm thinking I might sell it--$75 in cash might be a lot more useful than anything I could get at that store. And it would also get me more quickly to the "here's the cool thing I bought w/ my bonus from my nice bosses!"

Then what do I say if they ever ask about it? Which they probably won't. I guess, "Oh, I got a nice black shirt from some cheaper store with the money I got from selling the gift card."

No, you really can't ask to swap it. Is there anything you can splurge on that you wouldn't normally spend that much on? Even a nice bra or a few pairs of socks? They have a "gifts under $100" on their website, anything on there that you could buy for a christmas/birthday/housewarming present that you would normally spend other money on?

I understand the frustration--getting a GC to a place where everything is way more expensive than the GC is definitely annoying, especially if it's a store you wouldn't ordinarily go to. I got a $25 GC once to a swimsuit shop where the suits are about $150...naah, not likely to happen.

But no, you can't ask to swap it.

I think there are websites where you can resell for the whole cost. Its not like its going to depreciate, lol. I'd just bean-dip if they asked about it.

You can't ask your bosses to swap it, but there are sites online that will exchange it for an equivalent voucher in another store. I only know the UK ones, but there should be similar in the US.


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